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2022-2023 School Year

By Rylee Richardson

“What's the difference?" Paperback and hardcover are both types of books—each name is based on the material used for the book's cover. Paperbacks have a thin, cardstock-like cover, while hardcovers have a thicker, rigid cover” (

The different aspects of each kind of book are suitable for varying scenarios. If you are looking for a cheap, quick read, bendable book, and something you can easily ruin, a paperback is the way to go. In contrast, a hardcover is for more costly, lengthy reads, a non-bending book, and nice display.

About 88% of people purchase paperback books, and about 12% of people purchase hardcover books. The main reason for these percentages is the cost of each book.

These facts can easily be applied to deciding which kind of book to buy. Enjoy your book-hunting!

By Rylee Richardson and Yanet Perez

Who is Rapunzel? 

Rapunzel, the loving protagonist of Disney’s 2010 animated film entitled Tangled, a beautifully animated movie about the long-lost princess of the kingdom of Corona. She is best recognized by her lush golden hair that can grant the power of eternal youth. While her magical hair is what catches the eye, her curiosity and kindness are also traits that make her unique. As someone who was locked away in a tower for 18 years, Rapunzel has a strong desire to learn about herself and the world around her. A curious character, yearning to learn more, makes her a prime example of a fierce and honest protagonist.  

What’s so likable about Princess Rapunzel? 

According to a poll on Schoology for Ensign students to vote for their favorite Disney princess, Rapunzel rose above the others in ranks. Rapunzel is admired by many for not only her in-depth character background, but because of her iconic characteristics. She is an outgoing person, with dreams of adventures. Once freed, she continues with her determined mindset, which allows her to chase after her dreams. Rapunzel inspires people to imitate her fearlessness. Even when isolated from others, Rapunzel remained creative and occupied. She independently strived on her own, which only honed her interests about the outside world even more. Rapunzel, freed from the prison Mother Gothel said would protect her from the outside world, became adventurous and willing to learn new things about her new environment, remaining positive even when facing stressful situations. Rapunzel demonstrates admirable qualities about a creative side to someone, and a strong-willed spirit. Everyone strives to accomplish the great feats of someone like Rapunzel.Rapunzel, drawn by Yanet Perez

Drawing by Yanet Perez

Who is Cruella de Vil?

Cruella de Vil is the antagonist of Disney’s 1996 animated film entitled 101 Dalmatians. This captivating movie is about two London dalmatians and their human owners. These dogs then give birth to a large litter. Unfortunately, the villainous, Cruella de Vil, wishes to make all the dalmatian puppies she finds into fur coats.

What’s so likable about Cruella de Vil? 

The iconic hair of Cruella de Vil, half black & half white, is very intriguing to people who haven’t watched 101 Dalmatians. The love of Cruella was revealed in a recent Ensign poll, where she climbed to first place of the Villains. Even though her morals are awful, she has incredible poise and sass. This gives her the image of a ring leader. When a character has a huge personality like Cruella’s, they are thrust into the spotlight.

Cruella, drawn by Yanet Perez

Drawing by Yanet Perez

By Andera McCarthy, drawing by Yanet Perez

Coffee, by Yanet PerezAccording to the CDC, "About 73 percent of children consume caffeine on any given day.” There are so many rumors surrounding the dangers of caffeine for adolescents. Some say is stunts growth or impairs one’s ability to sleep restfully. However, many young people consume it on a daily basis, insisting that they need it to keep their energy levels up, while others admit that while it is most likely unnecessary, they drink coffee because they really enjoy it. Some stick to tea. I believe that in the end, whether you choose to be a coffee consumer or not depends on personal preference.

Just to be clear, not all the caffeine that 73 percent of children consume comes from coffee. Caffeine can be found in a surprising amount of foods and drinks. These include tea, hot chocolate, some flavored waters and juices, soft drinks, pre-workout drinks and powders, energy bars, coffee flavored foods and candies, chocolate, mints, gummy candies, and chewing gum. 

Personally, I enjoy coffee a lot, and I drink it every morning because of this, but mainly because I am extremely active and busy, so I need energy for the day. Often this energy is difficult to obtain without the external help of caffeine. In addition to coffee, I often find myself drinking some sort of iced tea or green tea, though it does not feel like as much of a caffeine source for me because I have already had my cup of coffee in the morning.

I could see how having coffee daily could cause problems for some kids in ways unrelated to the amount of caffeine they consume. If they buy coffee from Starbucks every day, they might face a financial problem. Also, if they buy or make their coffee with a lot of sugar, creamer, or additives in it, this could create a health issue.

Today, many argue that coffee actually has numerous health benefits, when the right amount of it is consumed. According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, it is safe to drink up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day, about 3 to 5 cups. This way, you can experience some of coffee’s benefits without dealing with the repercussions that come with excessive caffeine intake. The possible consequences of too much coffee include anxiety, increased heart rate and blood pressure, and insomnia. On the other hand, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine, one can experience the following advantages from drinking coffee regularly: they can process sugar faster, which reduces their risk of type two diabetes. They can have increased liver health due to coffee’s protective effect on your liver’s enzyme levels. They may have a longer life span as a result of coffee’s beneficial impacts on the human body. Coffee consumers also have a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s, stroke, and breakage of DNA strands, which can cause cancer or tumors if cells do not repair them.

In the end, as I mentioned before, whether or not you drink coffee, or what kind of coffee you prefer, depends on personal preference. Three in four Americans drink coffee every day. 

Some are strongly opposed to coffee, while others depend on their daily cup. How about you? Are you a caffeine connoisseur, or do you choose to forgo the hot cup of Joe?

By Kimberly Sanchez and Zoe DeMichele

We are all looking forward to the following school breaks: Ski Week, Spring Week, and Summer Break! Although some Seabees may be traveling, here are some local (or semi-local) things you can do during break.

  • Thrifting - One of our favorite spots are Melrose Trading Post in Los Angeles and The Camp/The Anti-Mall located in Costa Mesa which has many popular shopping and food attractions.
  • The Beach - California is known for its beaches. Let's not take that for granted! Either surfing or just hanging out, the beach is always a fun, affordable idea!
  • Going to the Mall - Whether it is a close by mall, Fashion Island, or a further mall, Irvine Spectrum, a mall is a chill place where you can shop, eat, or just hang out. My personal favorite is Irvine Spectrum just because of the wide variety of stores it has.
  • Master/Learn something new - Sometimes one just wants to have quality time with themselves, learning something new can help one learn something about themselves. One of my favorite things to do is to crochet
  • A Theme Park - We’re really fortunate to have three theme parks at a convenient distance from us. Knott’s Berry Farm is less than 20 miles away from the school! If you are looking for a classic, Disneyland is around 20 miles away from school. Or if you want to go somewhere more mystical, the Wizarding World at Universal Studios is 50 miles away. Now do not blame the pricing on us, we didn’t have anything to do with that.
  • Art Galleries - Down by Laguna Beach, there are plenty of free art galleries!
  • The OC Farmers Market - On the second Sunday of every month from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., the Westside Museum in Costa Mesa hosts the Westside Market Entry to the event is free and includes artisans, music, food, and more.

Although we all love to be away from home sometimes, it's always important to remember the amazing local things we are fortunate to have. We should take advantage of opportunities and make sure to embrace great things we have in southern California. Safe traveling (or not, the choice is yours)!

By Andera McCarthy

According to the CDC, 54.1% of children aged 6-17 participated in sports in the past 12 months in the year 2020. Clearly, athletic participation isn’t for everyone, but there are many, like myself, who enjoy playing sports regularly. One of the great things about sports is the sheer variety of different kinds. If one doesn’t suit you, another might become your favorite activity. 

This has led me to wonder: “What sports do Ensign students prefer?”

During a survey of seven classmates, I heard numerous unique and unexpected answers. The reply that surprised me the most was when one student said they would like to be a professional ski jumper because it would be fun to be a flying squirrel. 

The students I interviewed also had a wide range of justifications for their responses. People named contact sports because they are fun to dominate, team sports for the comradery, and fast-paced sports because they like to run, and feel that the quickness and excitement fits with their personality. One student even stated that they would like to try ballet because “it is really Lana Del Ray vinyl.” 

Let this survey be a lesson of just how many different sports there actually are. When people think of sports, they usually envision soccer, baseball, football, basketball, water polo, volleyball, and so on. I realize now that there are so many more sports that I forgot existed, and I can’t be the only one. This means, for people who have determined that they do not like sports, they may just have not found the right one yet. Sports have so many mental, physical, and social benefits, making them a productive and worthwhile engagement. 

So, how can you begin to determine which sport is right for you? In order to do this, you need to look within yourself. That sounds spiritual, but it really isn’t that deep. Just think about your own personality and preferences. For example, if you find speed exhilarating, but you are afraid of heights, you might want to try sailing, as gliding through the water can feel just like flying. If you love bonding with other people, you would most likely want to partake in a team sport, like volleyball or soccer, where you would get to interact with your teammates all the time. If you are more of an introvert, however, you might want to look for a more individualized sport, such as swimming or skiing, because in team sports, working with others is usually a requirement. 

I understand that not everybody has the ability to participate in sports. This could be due to a lack of opportunities, time, or of a desire to do so. I know firsthand that club sports are definitely a huge time commitment, and that they can be very expensive. Nonetheless, as a person who loves athletic activities and has played many sports while trying to determine which I prefer, I would encourage those people to keep searching because finding and devoting yourself to an activity that you are passionate about is one of the most rewarding things in life.

By Allisson Ortega-Lopez

Hey, Seabees! Have you ever wondered what kimbap is? Is it the same thing as sushi or is it something completely different? Well, you are about to find out as you keep reading more about what kimbap really is.

Kimbap actually came from “kim” and “bap.” “Kim” means seaweed while “bap” is rice. It is also called “gimbap.” Kimbap is a Korean dish and also a traditional Korean food. It is actually made from cooked rice that had been wrapped in dried seaweed. It is often called “Korean sushi” because the appearance of both of it is almost the same, usually the ingredients of kimbap in the roll are cucumber, fishcake, meat, imitation crab, spinach, danmuji, egg and so on.

Kimbap is one of the famous take-out or packed meals in Korea, because it is well wrapped and does not use any liquid ingredients. That makes it really easy to enjoy the food and can avoid getting messed up. Thus, it also makes kimbap known as a convenient food because of its portability which is easy to bring during picnics, outdoor events and more.

There is a lot of contention about the origin of kimbap. Actually, there are two theories about the origin of kimbap. First, it originated in Korea. The creation of kimbap is because of the old tradition of eating cooked rice (bap) and vegetables wrapped in seaweed (gim). Second one is that kimbap is derived from norimaki, which is a type of Japanese sushi. Both are probably correct, given the long history of both peaceful and violent contact between Korea and Japan. Ssam or gim has been recorded in references as existing from the time of Goryeo, and the use of seaweed as early as the Silla period. The use of seaweed as a wrap probably transferred from either Korea or China to Japan, where it eventually evolved into sushi, and was then transferred back to Korea as that form.

Along with the recent Korean Wave which is K-dramas and K-pop, Korean food has also garnered a lot of attention and gained significant popularity. There are a lot of Korean food lovers who are always seeking for the best place to enjoy Korean meals.

By Charlie Barto

Illustrated ManThe Review: The Illustrated Man is a collection of 18 stories written by Ray Bradbury that displays how he feels about the changing world around him in the 1950s. In this quarterly article, I will review stories a quarter, and at the end of the year we will have a comprehensive review of the book.

The first of the stories, “The Veldt,” is set in an automated home in a futuristic world. George and Lydia Hadley are worried about their children, Wendy and Peter’s, playroom having a negative effect on their children's mental health. They call a psychologist and examine the nursery, only to discover that, in Wendy and Peter’s eyes, the nursery has replaced them in parental duties. When George tries and close the nursery down, Wendy and Peter ask for one last minute in the nursery. In that time, they turn the nursery into a trap for their parents to fall into. This story demonstrates how Ray Bradbury wishes us to be fearful of technology, because if we rely on it too much, it will be our downfall.

The second story, “The Kaleidoscope,” is a passage about accepting death. A rocket explodes and its crew are dispersed through space in many directions, talking to each other, each confronting a fear. Stimson is being sent in the moon's direction, and all he wants to know is how long they can spend the last minutes of their lives talking to each other. Applegate has decided to antagonize everyone in his last moments, chiding Hollis and pointing out how no one can stop him. Lespere tries to spend his last moment bragging about how he has wives on several different planets, all of them good to him. Everyone is carried away, and Hollis resigns himself to burn up. This displays how Ray Bradbury feels that people should accept death, no matter how they lived their lives.

The next story, “The Other Foot,” is about African Americans moving to Mars, tired of the racism they experienced and settling there, only for a white person to come 20 years later, begging for help. After the black people left, there was a nuclear war, and everything was destroyed. After 20 long years, very few people were left, and they used all there are resources to send a man to Mars. They treat him equally and offer to help. This is Ray Bradbury's anti-racism message.

By Allisson Ortega-Lopez

What is boba? What is it made out of? What types of boba are there? Well, as you keep reading you will find out what boba is and why it is so popular now in the 20th century.

What Even is Boba?

Boba is technically tapioca pearls but they are referred to as the boba tea drink. Tapioca pearls are made from tapioca or cassava starch (which makes them gluten-free) and they are formed into small spheres. To make them sweet they are simmered in a sugary syrup. They are then added to a base which is often milk tea (a tea combined with powdered or fresh milk and occasionally a surgery syrup), but they can also be added to green or black tea, coffee, a slushie, or even sometimes a smoothie to become a bubble tea. These “pearls” come in many sizes in the drink so they are accompanied by a straw that has an opening thick enough to suck them all up.

Where Did Boba Come From?

This drink originated in Taiwan in the 1980s, it then eventually made its way all the way to the U.S. sometime in the 90s. From that time on, it became even more and more popular as a treat.

How Is It Made?

The starch is added to boiling water and then kneaded into a dough-like consistency. Then either vanilla, caramel, or even brown sugar syrups can be added to the dough for the color and flavoring. After, the dough is cut and rolled into little balls and placed in boiling water for 30 minutes.

What Does It Even Taste Like? Is It Good Or Bad?

The boba quality should and almost always is nice to chew on. It’s soft and not too mushy and it sometimes melts in your mouth. The flavor can vary depending on the syrup the boba were cooked in and which sweeteners they added to the dough. The flavors are usually anything from fruits to honey. The milk tea boba pearls come in different flavors as well. The most common flavors are matcha (green tea), honeydew, strawberry, Thai, and taro.

I personally love any strawberry flavored drinks with boba.

Where to Buy Boba

I would recommend buying boba from Boba Junkie. Their boba is one of the best. I like ordering the strawberry creamsicle and I add a topping of strawberry popping boba (a different type of boba that has a type of juice in it and it pops in your mouth. It is so good as well).

Another boba place I love is located in LA (Los Angeles), it is called Play K-Pop. Their boba was so good, my cousin and I enjoyed it when we went to visit LA.

Overall, you can buy boba almost anywhere nowadays. Boba is literally one of the best things ever (in my opinion). If you ever see a boba shop I would recommend trying some boba you won’t regret it.

By Yanet Perez

Hey, Seabees!

This school year has been looking great so far, and thanks to how well-kept everyone has been!

Let's step up our game and keep our campus nice and clean with these cleaning tips!

  • Get involved! There are always opportunities Ensign provides to have our campus clean. Getting involved allows you to be an important figure in our campus as cleaning is greatly appreciated such as our generous Campus Clean-up Club! Quick tip: this helps with those kids wanting community service for organizations such as the National Junior Honor Society and AVID.
  • Educate! Having people know about the consequences of not picking up before can help maintain a clean campus. Making people aware by creating notes (like this article) can help spread the word. The power of learning stretches drastically across students if they are educated on the topic. 
  • Spread awareness! Along with educating students on the effects, it's important to spread awareness of the importance of cleaning our space. Blindly leaving trash creates a difficult environment for others around you. Spreading awareness makes people mindful of how to create a safe place.
  • Think before you act! Before committing to trashing the place, think before you act, and ponder on the effects that trashing the school can lead to!
  • Following Ensign Rules! Though it's not everyone’s favorite, Ensign rules are enforced to help kids persevere through a day at Ensign.

We can even help in cleaning our world squeaky clean with ways to help our environment!

  • Volunteer! There are many opportunities to help the earth be squeaky clean by volunteering in good-hearted organizations that support the act of keeping our land clean.
  • Shopping Wisely! Going on shopping can be overwhelming with the number of products that can go into your cart. Purchasing everything in sight can blind someone from the consequences and affects the purchase they're making. Plastic is a common product in many shopping bags that are non-reusable. Instead, consider buying waste-free products that decompose easily, and also products that can be reused for as long as you can remember.
  • Conserving Water! Wasting water has become a huge problem and can be easily prevented among people like you and me. Protecting our oceans is a big part of our planet and is important to prevent waste and going to water, conserving it to be healthy.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! The three “Rs” are crucial to a healthy environment because it applies to nearly anything to help our environment! Reduce makes you think about the things you buy that may be harmful and how to reduce the amount used. Reuse is the act of repurposing or reusing a product that can not be thrown away so easily, reusing it for everyday things. Recycle is a famous phrase told to everyone to dispose of plastic and other materials that can be used again brand new.
  • So Much More! There is a never-ending list of creative ways to help out our planet! Here are some recommended websites from yours truly to help you get started. 

Let's keep it up, Seabees!

Help the environmentArt by Yanet Perez

By Kimberly Sanchez, Charlie Gassel, and Kimberly Leiva 

Hello, Seabees! Having some trouble in your classes? Here is some advice from some of your teachers:

Seabee Buzz: What is your advice for Seabees?

  • “Make this your best year ever!” - Mr. Blackie
  • “Get involved in a club or a sport because you know that's the best way to make friends; and be a good person.” - Mrs. Anderson
  • “To always be honest with your teachers and always give your best effort.” - Mr. Shinto
  • “Be prepared. If like you ever have a question, you're unsure of something, never be afraid to ask a question; a lot of people are afraid to ask a question, don’t ever be afraid to ask a question. That’s our job; we’re here to help.” - Ms. Jurgens
  • “Get involved, be a part of Ensign (Ensign is a great place). Step up, be involved, do AVID (AVID is awesome). Go to events, go to sport events, even if you’re not playing, just be a part of things; make the best out of it. And if you’re struggling, get help, so if you need help in socially, emotionally, or just, get help; have people to go to.” - Mrs. Tucker
  • “Practice your schedule, that way you won't get lost and make it to the wrong group. Ask for help. E-mail your teachers if you’re too shy to ask them in person, E-mail them, that way we know that you’re struggling.” - Mrs. Moreno
  • “Check Schoology. Bring your Chromebook. Be kind.” - Ms. Dorian

That’s it for today Seabees, but like actually, teachers are here to help you grow as a person and as students, don’t ever be afraid to ask questions. 

By Lucia Muzio

Ensign dress code is really strict. We’re in middle school now, and girls especially should be able to express themselves with their clothes, without having to change into their PE clothes for the day, just for showing an inch of their midriff. Plus, in high school, girls are completely allowed to show their midriff, and they can wear any clothing as long as no undergarments are showing. Ensign should really consider changing these rules, or at least lessening them.

Furthermore, the majority of the dress code is pointed towards the girls in particular. Sure, boys can’t wear anything with inappropriate signs or brands. But girls have to follow so many more rules: no midriffs, no low-cut tops, not too much underarms, no back showing, no undergarments, no skirts far above the knee or short shorts, and (can’t be sure if this is a rule) no open-toed shoes. Now, the last one really doesn’t make sense if the person wearing open-toed shoes has PE shoes in their locker. They only need specific shoes for PE. And nobody wants to walk around in their PE clothes all day! Meanwhile, boys simply can’t have inappropriate brands on their hats and jackets.

I think girls should have the opportunity to freely express themselves in their clothing, if that’s what they wish to do. Even though some rules kind of make sense, they really shouldn’t be so strict, or maybe they should be different for 8th graders, since they’re almost going to be in high school. As someone who rocks T-shirts and sweatshirts nearly every day, I’m personally not affected by these rules, but I know some are, and some wish for change. I say, make these rules in moderation; it doesn’t make sense to not be allowed to have half an inch of our midriff showing. The dress code in middle school is basically the same as elementary! We’ve been stuck with the same rules for long enough-time for change, Ensign!

By Hayden Roy Magnifico

In every quarter, we ask students at Ensign Intermediate School a question.  This quarter it was “What is your favorite thing about Ensign?” A majority entered the answer “meeting friends to talk to” and words relating to lunch.

Surprisingly, 7 students chose teachers as their favorite thing at Ensign with the “one and only” Frank as the mostly voted individual in the school followed by Sr. Rojas and Mr. Shinto as second. Some others mentioned other students and other notable teachers, too. 

Thanks for reading, Seabees! Look out for the next question as this will help Ensign as a whole to show what people think in their opinion. Thank you!

By Yanet Perez

What Is Kodo?

Kodo is a professional Taiko drumming group that has been performing in Japan and abroad! Many of their players and groups have traveled to the United States to perform, informing their young audiences about the unique Japanese drums. They also provide more insight on their chosen name, Kodo. 

But what exactly is Kodo? Kodo focuses on their instruments during performances, consisting of traditional Japanese musical instruments such as their large drums, made from wood and animal hides. However, they also contain many other instruments such as the fue (a bamboo flute), shamisen (Japanese banjo), koto (harp), Buddhist bell, and the narimono (a metal percussion instrument) are the many instruments played during performances, However, they also incorporate traditional dances and vocals, along with bringing western instruments such as timpani, snare drums, and an array of traditional folk instruments! They perform pieces that are based on the traditional rhythms of regional Japan. 

History Of Kodo

The history of Kodo is quite intriguing, as Kodo began in 1981, as a taiko group along with their existing players. Recognized as a renewed Taiko group, they came up with the name “Kodo,” representing “drum children” based on the suggestions of mothers who claimed their music made their children fall asleep. The second meaning most recognized, “heartbeat” originates from the sound the taiko drums produce and how they sound like a mother's heartbeat with their child in their womb. “Kodo” amplifies the meaning of heartbeat as the primal source of all rhythm.

The group would continue to spend the next 7 years touring Europe, Japan, and North and South America. They also founded Kodo villainess on Sado Island (an island located in the eastern part of the Sea of Japan), and began an international arts festival, called the annual Earth Celebration.

The Kodo Cultural foundation was established to increase the engagement of activities in the homes of Sado Island, and the objective of carrying out non-profit activities to local communities. They focus on social education and the notion of giving backpacks to those local communities. 

Thoughts on Kodo

People who went to view Kodo explained the beauty of the performances and the unique experiences they went through. Let's hear from the people that saw Kodo in person and listen to their thoughts…
“I thought it was a beautiful audience and I liked how they made the audience participate by getting them to clap to the rhythm” - Ally Gamboa-Flynn

“I really thought it was cool and interesting to see a group from a different area play drums and the technique along with the rhythm lasted for a long time. It was very impressive.” - Heather Rivard

“I thought it was amazing how they could tell when to start and stop, when to cue  little melodies. I would question, how would they know and feel the beat? I also really liked the Buddhist bell and the tone it produced.” - Mrs. Grenier 

Want to Know More? 

The topic of Kodo and in general Taiko drumming is more than just performances, it represents the cultural significance of traditional Japanese drumming.

Here are some links for you to jump into an endless rabbit hole!

Kodo, Taiko Performing Arts Ensemble

KodoHeartbeat - YouTube

Earth Celebration

By Heather Rivard

Most people at school go to the cafeteria for lunch, but not everyone is eating that food. Some people get outside food, others bring lunches from home. Anyone who has eaten the cafeteria food knows that there are not super healthy options.

Adults say, “Maintain a healthy diet! Anything that comes from a bag is not good for you.” But how are we supposed to do that when most of the things served at the cafeteria are processed foods that come from a pre-sealed bag? I did a brief interview with my fellow journalist, Yanet, and she says, “I feel like the food is lacking and they could prepare it a little better.” 

The people have spoken, but what could we do about it? I’m not sure how but we could branch out to other food chains to see if we could get funds to have them cater for school lunches. Back in elementary school, every Monday was a pizza day and it was from Pizza Hut. If the school board really wants healthy options for students, there are delicious but healthy options on menus. Maybe instead of a burger and fries, a burger with lettuce and a side of fruit. It just kind of seems that there isn’t any variety in the cafeteria and if we have the chance to try something, Ensign could do it.

I mean no disrespect to the ladies serving lunches. I’m sure they cannot control what gets served during nutrition and lunch. It’s clear to me that the same thing gets served every week. A pizza-like thing, a taco stick, orange chicken, etc. And most of the time they just put cheese and sauce on bread and call it a day. And the cheese isn’t even actual cheese! It tastes okay due to the chemicals being put in it, but it doesn’t leave a good feeling in my stomach. Is it edible? Yes. Is it decent? Sure. Should I eat it? Probably not. Even though the lunch ladies enforce to eat a fruit, vegetable, or some juice, the main food being served is what people end up eating. They get a bag of sliced apples and most of the time, they throw it away. 

If the school has enough funding, maybe we should get more options for food. Or at least we should get more healthy options that we want to eat. 

By Kimberly Sanchez and Zoe DeMichele

Hey, Seabees! Welcome back to Seabee Buzz! In today’s topic, we are going to be covering teacher perspectives regarding Seabees and dating!

Should middle schoolers date middle schoolers?

  • “People your age should focus on school and their friends rather than putting their time into a relationship” - Mrs. Dorian
  • “Finding your person can be a good thing, given the fact that I met my husband in middle school, and it was like I immediately had a built-in best friend, but the PDA (public display of affection) in the hallways can be a bit much” - Mrs. Moreno
  • “Two words: one milkshake, two straws. But in all seriousness, I think that having a relationship can be a lot of stress that should be saved for later” -  Mr. Shinto
  • “Having an innocent and fun relationship when you're young can be a learning experience that can be helpful when you're older” - Mr. Roseberry

Thank you teachers for your time and advice! With Valentine's Day approaching, we wish the best of luck in any romantic endeavors. 

By Allisson Ortega-Lopez

It's that time of year again, when it starts getting cold and you get to drink a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows by a warm fireplace. There are so many things to look forward to during this amazing season. Such as the snow, vacations, winter break, and Christmas. Here are some ways that I enjoy this wonderful time of the year to give you some ideas on what you can do this year during this cold winter season that is just around the corner.

  • Build a snowman up in the snow
  • Bake cookies (gingerbread, sugar cookies, etc.)
  • Play Christmas music everywhere, and when I say everywhere, I mean everywhere!
    • Play the classics
    • Play Christmas pop
    • Play jazzy Christmas music
  • Decorate the Christmas tree a certain way
    • Make it one color
    • Make it a mix of colors
    • Make it two or three colors
    • Make a certain pattern on it Now those are some of the most common ways to get ready for Christmas and winter.

Now, here are some things that my entire family and I do during the winter season.

  • Drink chocolate abuelita with pan dulce (this is a type of hot chocolate that is common in Mexico and pan dulce is sweet bread, just any type of bread to be honest)
  • Make tamales
  • Watch a different Christmas movie from December 1-December 31
  • Set up the tree two days or one day after Thanksgiving
  • Do two Secret Santas: one with friends and another one with family
  • Buy Christmas theme treats and clothing for my dog
  • Get an advent calendar
  • Set up a bunch of Christmas lights around the house
  • Go up to Big Bear and go sledding
  • Stay up in the mountains for a few days (in a cabin or with someone you know who lives there)

That is what I usually do during the winter and it is so much fun. Here are some other things that you can do during the winter with family, friends, or just to entertain yourself.

  • Go ice skating (or try it for the first time), skiing, or snowboarding
  • Build a winter bonfire and make some yummy s'mores
  • Do a winter photo scavenger hunt game with your friends
  • Decorate your room with lights to make it all festive
  • Make some hot chocolate bombs with your friends
  • Have a snowball fight up in the snow
  • Build a snowman
  • Go on a winter hike with friends or family
  • Try a new recipe
  • Create a winter playlist
  • Draw or paint a wintery scene or something related to the festive season
  • Make a winter craft
  • Try doing Christmas theme origami
  • Read a Christmas book (while sipping some hot chocolate)
  • Watch a Christmas movie, series, or episodes

There are way too many things to do during winter. I would recommend trying to do as many fun activities as possible so that you can have a good time during winter break this year and other years to come. Happy holidays!

By Zoe DeMichele, Kimberly Sanchez, and Sydney Meza

Treating people with respect seems like it would come easy, but for some students at Ensign, it can be a challenge. Being a substitute teacher is already a hard task, but add a group of hyper, attention-seeking Seabees into the equation, and it can cause pure pandemonium. 

When interviewing popular, admired substitute teacher, Ms. Jurgens, her expectations for students seem to be quite simple.

“I don’t want any of their normal routines to change,” she states, explaining that she only wants to be treated as a normal instructor would. Being prepared, cooperative, and forgiving is all you need to impress a substitute. 

We discovered that students can have similar perspectives on the issue after interviewing an enthusiastic and vivacious eighth grader, Donovan Castanha.

He explained that subs can be “taken advantage of,” and although he tries to treat everyone equally, he admits to seeking attention and acting out when he has a substitute. Because temporary or new teachers can be unaccustomed to the classroom, Donovan explains that it's easier to get away with acting out. 

By Valerie Hernandez and Andrea Arellano Perez

Hello, Seabees!  We’ve been hearing some of you guys in the hall talk about the school lunch, and we just want to talk about some other options you may have instead of eating the school lunch. 

You may bring your own lunch or snack[s], or order your own fast food *before school* and keep it in your lunchbox.  There are also small snack options like fruit or vegetables, and during nutrition where you may go back to the cart or cafeteria and get more of that item being served during nutrition to eat during lunch. You should always have a great and full breakfast before going to school so you are not starving and don’t eat anything. 

Additionally, if you want a quick snack you can always check out the vending machine for $1: there are healthier options and non-healthy options. It's alwyas your decision as long as you stay healthy! So please don't starve yourself! There are plenty of options to eat! Hope these facts helped you decide what to eat.

By Rylee Richardson, artwork by Yanet Perez

Camp Half Blood

In a recent Ensign poll, the novel Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, written by Rick Riordan, was selected as the students’ favorite book. The runner-up in the contest was Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

In Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, a mythological book, a “troubled” teenager, Percy Jackson, discovers that he’s the son of the Greek god Poseidon. While learning how to control his divine powers, he must avert a destructive war on Earth, with help from other half-bloods and his best friend, Grover. Simultaneously, he is trying to rescue his mom from Hades, god of the underworld, which requires him to battle fierce demons who have their own issues.

This book is so amazing that it has been on the New York Times' children’s series bestseller list for over six hundred weeks, has its own Broadway musical, and will have a new Disney+ show series as of 2024.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy, or just REALLY wishes they were a Greek hero. This is one of my favorite books, and thankfully, there are many more in this series!

By Brindis Lopez and Marbella Lopez

Why litter when you can throw trash away nicely in trash cans where they are supposed to go? When you see someone throwing trash on the ground, make sure you pick it up, throw it away and also clean after yourself along with others. We need to change our trash habits and make a better place for our school. We would be improving individual and community safety by proper waste disposals, which is a must for debris management.

It reduces the burden of custodians having to clean up after students. Also, plastic materials have toxic chemicals and disease-causing microorganisms that end up in the trash which can also contaminate water systems, spread water-borne diseases which can negatively affect the health of both animals and humans if untreated.

Cleaning up is not only good for our school, but good for the environment, as well!

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