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Carly Prober

Math Department

Math Help Resources

Online Academic Support

There are so many free online resources out there to support your understanding, especially in math.

One of my absolute favorites is Khan Academy. Khan Academy is a series of mathematic videos, in which the creator of this non-profit company, Sal, teaches pretty much every single math topic/concept through video tutorials. With this tool you are able to select the grade you are in, the unit we are currently covering, and then content specific topics that can all be paused, re-wound, and re-played countless times. There are also opportunities to practice the material through practice problems that guide you through the problem should you need more support. Please use this amazing resource to your advantage. There is also an app for this product that is also free of charge for your ipad/tablet or mobile device.

MathBits is another great resource out there for you. There's A LOT on this site, and it may be a bit overwhelming, but feel free to check it out and explore what it has to offer. If you ever need grid or graph paper, this site has 31 different graph /graph paper options that you can download and print out for free!

Another resource that is available is MathWay. Although this program doesn't provide you with invaluable video tutorials, this site is better suited for after you have watched the Khan Academy video(s) and still are struggling getting through a particular problem. This site allows you to enter in a specific problem and it will give you step by step solutions you need to help solve it. Now, don't get me wrong, this is not a free pass. If you are trying to cheat your way through the homework, you are only hurting yourself. I can easily tell who uses this tool as a learning aid and who is not.

Don't take the easy way out, instead be smart by using the available technology out there to further supplement and/or support your math understanding. Remember, if you don't get it the first time, seek help (me, peers, friends, family, and online resources), you are all learning and developing and I don't expect you to master everything after learning it the first time. Please openly communicate with me so we can reach your goals together.