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Joseph Fuschetti

Boys PE


P.E. Absence Work

PE make up activity


Written Assignment Instructions


Each day a student is absent, a written assignment must be completed to earn that day’s points ( 3pts.). Instructions can be found on your teacher’s website.   Students will be using to turn in these assignments.

Option 1:  Prompt


You will write a paragraph based on the prompt given to you by your teacher. ( See below attached Word doc."Writing Assignment")  


The format should look like this:


Sentence 1:  Topic "Claim" sentence (TS), 

Sentence 2-3   Evidence sentence (ES) ( 2 facts supporting your topic sentence)

Sentences 4-5:   Analysis sentences (AS)  (your insight and opinion)

Sentence 6: Concluding sentence (CS)




Option 2:  Choose an article selected by your teacher/Read and Analyze and follow the same format above.

Example of Annotation
Example of Annotation
San Clemente Yellowtail
San Clemente Yellowtail
Tanner Bank Yellowtail

Tanner Bank Yellowtail (Homeguards) on one of our deep sea fishing adventures- caught in 95' and surface bait and irons approx. 85 miles at sea.

Yellowfin Tuna-Capt. Prober w/ Selena @ Cortez Bank
Cortez Bank Capt Prober & Selena Muller- Yellowfin.jpg
Capt. Prober w 66lb. Yellowfin.jpg