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Kari Rush

PE/Yoga Course Syllabus

Welcome to PE/Yoga

Ms. Rush Zoom Code

              Period 1 Meeting ID: 931 0581 2647

               Period 2 Meeting ID #980 9988 1472

               Period 3 Meeting ID #999 4458 5320

               Period 4 Meeting ID: 966 2457 0701

               Period 7 Meeting ID: 944 0360 2847

               Period 8 Meeting ID 958 7955 3243


What to expect: Online PE/Yoga will consist of a computer-based Lesson and an activity portion. The computer portion will include learning about heart rate zones, types of workouts and exercise, nutrition and body mechanics. The activity portion will promote  skill development, good health, body mechanics and the value of regular physical exercise. Grades are based on daily participation, completed assignments,  and effort and attitude.


Dress Code: 

Students will be expected to be in appropriate attire on activity days.  Comfortable sweats/shorts/leggings and a T-Shirt with socks and athletic shoes.



Students are expected to email their teacher to get zoom code for make-up activity. 


Non-Participation Excuses:

             If a student is not able to participate in class due to an illness or injury, an email from home is required. If  the student is able, they should be in the zoom class that day to avoid makeup work.  Emails from home are only good for a maximum of 3 days.  If the condition lasts more than 3 days, a physician’s note is required and should be emailed to the teacher and the school nurse.  Excused, prolonged non-participation may result in an alternative and relevant assignment.



The grade is based on the following elements of every class;

  • Participation, cooperation,  attitude and sincere effort (20 points/Day)

  • Mile/10 Minute Run Activity Log (5 points/Log)

  • Other assignments (10 points)



Students will use Google Classroom and Schooloop to communicate with Teachers.  We ask that every parent uses Schoolloop to communicate with Teachers.  Office Hours will occur Tuesday and Friday 1:40-2:10 by appointment only.  Please allow 24 hours for a response.


Kari Rush:



Turnitin Class Codes and Passwords
Class ID Class name Password            
  Period 1 ENMSPE            
  Period 2 ENMSPE            
  Period 3 ENMSPE            
  Period 4 ENMSPE            
  Period 7 ENMSPE