September/October 2014

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Writers: Alina Aguirre, Emma Andranian, Mia Bagatourian, Brooke Banta, Helen Coyne, Ayla Evans, Leah Freeman, Mia Matsunami, Amy Sabourin, Oliver Teitscheid

Editors: Hallie Peplow and Sara Robinson

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Would you prefer having early out on Wednesday or late start?

By Mia Bagatourian and Leah Freeman




“Early out because you get a longer time after school to hang out with friends.”

 –Olivia Morris and

   Rama Thioub


“Late start because I don’t want to wake up early every day.”

-Serendei Alarcon


“Early out because I can do things with my friends after school.”

-Jackie Minken


“Late start because I love to sleep in.”

-Clay Rollins


“Early out because we can do things afterschool and wake up at our normal time.”

-Natalie Palmer

  Mathew Eimers

  Josh Steele


“Late start because I have a hard time getting up in the morning for school.”

-Daphne Torrey

“Early out because I don’t want to get off my daily routine of when I wake up.”

-Jack Kiesecker

“Late start because I can sleep in and I don’t have to wake up early in the morning.”

-Daphne Chong



“Late start because we get to sleep in and we could go get breakfast before school starts.”

-Alison Corr

  Eden Funk



  Early Out 7    Late Start 6

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Rumor Has It…


By Hallie Peplow and Sara Robinson

        Making the transition from elementary school to junior high can be stressful…especially when rumors are circulating through the school.  When a sixth grader is becoming a seventh grader at Ensign Intermediate School, they may hear common rumors being spread through the air about the school. 


            Rumor #1: There is not enough time in the passing periods to get to the next class.

            Truth #1: There are five minutes in a passing and although five minutes does not seem like enough time for students to get to class, do not worry! Five minutes is more than enough time. According to, the average person can walk about a quarter of a mile in five minutes. On average, students’ classes are only going to be a few feet apart.  In the rare occasion of students having classes more than a few feet away, they should remember: the students of CDM only get three minutes. So, do not fret; everyone will make it to their classes with time to spare!


           Rumor #2: Because, there are so many students in each classroom the teacher will not learn all of the students’ names.

           Truth #2: The average class size at Ensign Intermediate School is thirty six students.  If a student is concerned that the teacher will not learn their name, it is important to try to participate as much as possible.  A student who stays engaged and actively participates becomes memorable to the teacher, making it hard to forget that student’s name.  Even if there are students who do not get involved with the lessons, the teacher will undoubtedly learn every students name by, at most, the end of the first quarter. 


           Rumor #3: Eighth graders seem intimidating. 

           Truth #3: They may seem scary because they are a whole grade older, or because of their size, but remember, they have all been in seventh grade!  Almost all of the eighth graders will be happy to help the seventh graders with whatever problems they may be facing.  Remember, Ensign is promoting a community of kindness!


          Rumor #4: There is too much homework, and not enough time to complete all given assignments. 

          Truth #4: Although there may be the occasional overload of homework, overall, there is more than enough time at night to complete all assignments.  Getting homework done in time should not be a worry; finishing homework with pride should be.


            Moving on from sixth grade to seventh grade is definitely a difficult transition. Although rumors that are said about Ensign can be intimidating, remember that they are just rumors. More importantly, keep in mind that friends and teachers are always there to help make Ensign feel like a comfortable environment.