May/June 2014

By Jillian Birt-Russell

Calling all fashion forward Seabees! Has spring cleaning emptied your closet?! Are you wanting some new looks for the warm seasons ahead?! Well, you have come to right place to see what the styles have been BUZZING about!

This spring, floral, colorful, chiffon, lace, patterned, and textured dresses and high-waisted skirts are so in! They’re light, airy and perfect for a sunny day! Rompers are also in style this time of year and most importantly - they’re so comfortable!

Another great trend that’s been hitting stores, are bright sandals that are great for showing off your new neon pedicure! And don’t forget all things denim!! If you usually don’t like wearing just plain old navy, try colorful pieces, maybe white wash, or even studs and beads!

Any of these looks are perfect for wearing to places like from school to the beach! Remember, the fashion trend that never changes is your gorgeous smile! Enjoy!

Earthquake Preparedness

By Erica Rogers and Hannah Hobrecht

After a sudden burst in the number of earthquakes that have occurred in California over the past few months, we decided to ask Ms. Brundage, the safety coordinator, how we can be prepared for an earthquake and what to do during a real earthquake.   

What is Ensign doing to prepare for an earthquake?

As safety coordinator, she checks to make sure that all supplies are here at least once a year. She also checks that the big bins near the PE. numbers are stocked with barrels of water and other supplies and that the teachers’ backpacks are up-to-date. We also do an earthquake drill four times a year so we know exactly what to do during a real emergency.

What should students do in the event of an earthquake?

If students are in their classrooms, they should go under their desks immediately, without their teachers even needing to tell them. While they are under their desks, students should make sure their head is protected and hold onto the leg of the desk. When the earthquake is over, students must be quiet and listen to their teacher’s instructions.

What shouldn’t students do in the event of an earthquake?

The worst thing a student can do during an emergency is panic. They should not go on their phones or talk to others because they might miss their teacher’s instructions.  

Why the Stress of School?

By Christian Yassa

        With the school year coming to an abrupt end, several have to deal with the extreme stress of important finals and end of year tests. These extremely important tests can determine what classes that a person has to take, or retake, and potentially determine the outcome of their life.  With students realizing the importance of achieving good grades on these tests, it causes several students to stress.


In China, a place where parents put their kids under extreme pressure to maintain high grades, suicide is the top cause of death among Chinese youth. Every year, roughly 250,000 people commit suicide in China, while another two million attempt to. Stress over school is usually a major factor, and jumping out of a window is by far the most common method. Experts say that is evidence that these suicides may often be impulsive — as opposed to long-mulled or carefully planned — acts. Even in America, there is an extremely high rate of suicide caused by school work. According to the Los Angeles Times approximately 1,300 college students a year commit suicide. University students are more likely to think or commit suicide than Elementary School or High School (although suicide can occur in both schools.) The cause of this is peer pressure; too much homework; stress put upon them to get good grades by their peers at college and also in some cases their parents. Too much competition for better grades due to the rise of more students going to college is increased in some students.



        This raises the question; is all this stress that is put on children necessary for them to receive an education? This is a very controversial question, one hand if students do not feel it is necessary to work hard, very few will put much effort into their work. On the other hand, if the importance of good grades are promoted, students will be highly stressed, trying to compete with millions of other students to even be awarded with an education at a UC or Tier-1 universities.

Wrapping Up the School Year

By Katie Clark

As the 2013-2014 year comes to a close there are many exciting events that honor and celebrate the progressing students.

Golden Seabees:

This award ceremony consists of each teacher picking two star students that are then awarded with an adorable Seabee trophy.

NJHS Banquet:

This end of the year festivity consists of honoring the students who were in NJHS and inducting the new applicants.

8th Grade Promotion Ceremony:

This final celebration honors the 8th graders leaving Ensign and journeying into Harbor.

8th Grade Knott’s Berry Farm Trip:

These fun outing is a way for 8th graders to be together for one of the last times before they go to Harbor. However only 250 kids get to go so get your permission slips filled out and turned into the ASB window as soon as possible.

Citizenship Awards:

These awards honor the students who have displayed excellent citizenship. These students are then awarded with a citizenship pin.


Get ready for a great end of the year!

10 Ways To Help Studying

By Dillon Lippman

  1. Make a study guide.
  2. Study with friends.
  3. Go over review sheets.
  4. Make a test and test yourself.
  5. Don’t wait for the last minute/don’t procrastinate.
  6. Make notecards.
  7. Use all your class notes to study.
  8. Relax and be calm while studying.
  9. Don’t study late at night because you tend not to remember as well.
  10. Stay in a quite area where you can study peacefully.


Who We Are...


Seabee Buzz writers with After Romeo

Writers: Jillian Birt, Keely Blissmer, Betsy Calder, Megan Carey, Katie Clark, Bella Crafton, Delaney DeCinces, Jordan Golden, Hannah Hobrecht, Emma Kennedy, Amanda Klarin, Blake Ling, Dillon Lippman, Miranda McCormick, Erica Rogers, Adena Rothbard, Charlie Sandy, Christian Yassa

Advisor: Kristine Cross




Eighth Grade Electives

By Megan Carey

Are you a 7th grader and don’t know what elective to do for next year?  Read to learn about different electives for your eighth grade year!


Teacher: Madame Maille

Class description: Spanish class is a class for first-time Spanish speakers. You learn a variety of vocabulary words and how to use it in a sentence. You learn how to talk in Spanish, listen and understand Spanish, and read and write Spanish. You also learn a lot of culture from Spanish-speaking countries. Madame Maille goes depth in teaching you how to conjugate words, and towards the end of the year, she introduces past-tense words. This class does require homework and has weekly quizzes and monthly chapter tests. If you obtain good grades over the course of the year and score well on the final, you may continue onto Spanish 2 for High School, and your middle school Spanish class will count towards your high school foreign language credits. If you are not interested in taking Spanish this year but want to test out the summer before high school, you may do so. Overall, this is an interesting class and you learn a lot!


Student Comment:

“Spanish Class is really fun! Madame Maille is really helpful and tries to make learning fun and easy. My favorite part of Spanish class is watching videos in Spanish and playing Kush Ball (Spanish vocab game with a ball). To be honest, in the beginning, many things are confusing, but as the year goes along, it gets a lot easier. For the most part, the quizzes and test are super easy (as long as you study). It’s super cool that I can now have a conversation with Spanish speakers. I’m also glad I did it because now I have a year done for Spanish class that count towards the 2-year (3 recommended) for the foreign language requirement at Newport Harbor.”

-Megan Carey (8th Grader)



Teacher: Madame Maille

Class Description: French class is the same as Spanish class, except you learn French (speaking, listening, writing, reading, spelling)! You also learn a lot of culture too! The high school availabilities are the same as Spanish class.

Student Description:

“I like that Madame Maille is very hands on and teaches us the culture of France.  Madame Maille is understanding and helpful.”

-Jordan Golden (8th Grader) 



Teacher: Mr. Ehrlinger

Class Description: Art class introduces you to different techniques

and mediums of art such as watercolor, clay sculpting, metal working, and drawing. 

Student Comment: 
“Art class was a good way to practice my art skills more frequently
 and learn different ways of doing art unlike anything that I had ever done 
before. Mr. Ehrlinger is very funny and creative.”
 -Katie Clark




Teacher: Mrs. Grenier

Class Description: This class helps you improve your music skills by 
practicing with other musicians. 
There are a variety of instruments available including drums, 
saxophone, trombone, and so much more! 
Band performs at school assemblies and plays occasionally 
at Harbor and other musical events. 
If you want to perfect your musical skills, this is the class
 for you. 

Student Description:

“I was in band last year but not this year. I played the flute. I learned to be patience. I enjoyed being able to improve my music and I made new friends.”

-Katie Clark (8th Grader)




Teacher: Mrs. Grenier

Class Description: You learn how to sing in different languages and how to read and write music. You also learn how to sing in different part songs (rounds). Most of your performances are at Harbor.

Student Description:

“I did choir last year but not this year. Singing in choir was an enjoyable experience because all of us were able to explore various types of music; whether it’s pop or Russian.”

-Andy Myers (8th Grader)



Teacher: Mrs. Levy

Class Description: This is a college preparatory class. You make tutorials, do WICOR projects (Writing Inquiry Collaboration Organization & Reflection), and go on fieldtrips to colleges and businesses that offer internships.

Student Description:

“Avid is really fun. I have made a lot of good friends there. My favorite part is doing tutorials.”

-Amanda Klarin (8th grader)


TA (Teacher’s Assistant)

Teacher: Any (your choice)

Class Description:

You can TA for almost any teacher here at Ensign. You can also be an Office TA and help the office deliver call slips and other things to classrooms. Here are some things you do as a TA:

  • Grade papers
  • Helps students with work
  • Clean classroom
  • Organize
  • Hole-punch papers
  • Check teacher’s mailbox
  • Deliver things to other classrooms
  • Input grade

Student Description:

“I TA for Mrs. Blankenship. She’s really sweet and always gives me candy and treats for helping. I enjoy roaming around the school and helping organize.”

-Bella Crafton (8th Grade)


“I TA for Mrs. Cross. It is difficult trying to connect with the students, but I like being in Mrs. Cross’s room.”

-Erica Rogers (8th Grader)

Ensign's Cheer team Victory

By Jillian Birt - Russell

We are the Seabees and we’re here to say that our cheer leaders were victorious yesterday! Hey Ensign! Great news! Our cheer squad won at their big SHARP cheer competition last weekend! They came in first place in the Junior Division and also had the highest score of the entire day! They couldn’t have done it without their positivity, commitment, and guidance from their coaches, Mrs. Higman and Mrs. Halperin! Congratulations Ensign for so many big wins and achievements this year! Keep it up Seabees! Stay CHEERFUL!


Tiffany Houghton

By Bella Crafton, Adena Rothbard, and Delaney Decinces

For a Renaissance award, Tiffany Houghton, a young upcoming artist, came to perform some of her favorite hit singles. These included "Love Like That," "High," and her cover of "Wrecking Ball" and "I Knew You Were Trouble." A few of our journalism members went to interview her.  Here are her responses.

  1. Why did you want to make music?
    1. “I was influenced by many of my idols growing up, and I love to share my thoughts with my fans. I also wanted to show women’s true power, and to set an example of never giving up.”
  2. Who inspires you?
    1. She said that Sanaya Twain and Taylor Swift are really big in her music career. “I love how they are powerful women and never gave up on what they wanted.”
  3. What is your favorite song you wrote?
    1. Her favorite song that she has out right now is "High," but she has two new hits coming out soon, "Glitter " and "Twirling."
  4. Do you have any advice for young artists hoping to pursue their dreams?
    1. Make sure that you have a strong vision of how you want to be seen as an artist and person.
    2. She also says to remember that it is about service and influence, and not getting caught up in all the fame.
    3. You should also not put too much pressure on yourself.

Be sure to check out the amazing Tiffany Houghton at @tiffanyhoughton on Instagram.


Pop Star Tiffany Houghton Comes to Ensign

By Jordan Golden

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014, a singer named Tiffany Houghton came to our school. At just seventeen years old, she left home. When asked when she got into music, she replied that she “started with writing in her journal, then started playing piano at around eight years old and got into music while she was a freshman.”

She has been featured in the magazines, JustJared Junior and J-14.

While she was at Ensign, she sang, “Hi,” “Wrecking Ball,” and “Never Been Better,” and "Love Like That."  We would like to thank her for visiting our school and are very grateful to the ASB for getting the next Taylor Swift, according to, to visit our school.

Finals Preparations

By Megan Carey

As you may already know, class finals are coming up very quickly! Just next week, 8th grade science CSTs and several class finals are taking place. To perform your very best, you need the most specific preparations.


Here are 27 tips for the finals (before, during, and after):


Test Preparation:

  1. DON’T STRESS! This test will not determine your future life. Studies show, stressing makes one do significantly worse on tests. However, always do your best. Don’t be late to class though.
  2. Get enough sleep! A typical teen needs more sleep than babies, so get a good 8-12 hours.
  3. Eat healthy! Eating healthy will provide more energy and alertness in testing.
  4. Always eat breakfast! You need a good start to your day.
  5. Complete any prepare packets given and study with any other materials given!
  6. Review! Many things you probably forgot from the beginning of the year so read any notes or review any homework from past studies.
  7. Ask questions! If you are confused with anything, ask your teacher, parents, peers, friends, siblings, tutor, or research it on the web.
  8. If you are allowed, put any main ideas/information/formulas onto a sheet that can be quickly reviewed many times! This makes it easier to retain the key concepts that will be on the test.
  9. Go to the bathroom! Nothing is more distracting than holding your bladder while trying to focus. Try going to the bathroom even if you don’t need to.


The Test:

  1. Bring supplies! Bring at least three pencils, an eraser, and any other supplies you are instructed or want to bring.
  2.  Stay relaxed! If you start to feel nervous take a few deep breaths to relax.
  3. Keep your eyes on your own paper! You don't want to appear to be cheating and cause unnecessary trouble for yourself.
  4. Process of elimination! If you don’t know the answer to a question, eliminate the answers you know are wrong.
  5. Stick with your gut! Your first answer is usually the right one.
  6. Pace yourself, don't rush! Read the entire question and pay attention to the details.
  7. Ask the instructor for clarification if you don't understand what they are asking for on the test!
  8. Write legibly! If the grader can't read what you wrote, they'll most likely mark it wrong.
  9. Always read the whole question carefully! Don't make assumptions about what the question might be.
  10. If you don't know an answer, skip it! Go on with the rest of the test and come back to it later. Other parts of the test may have some information that will help you out with that question.
  11. Don't worry if others finish before you! Focus on the test in front of you.
  12. If you have time left when you are finished, look over your test! Make sure that you have answered all the questions. Only change an answer if you misread or misinterpreted the question because the first answer that you put is usually the correct one. Watch out for careless mistakes and proofread your essay and/or short answer questions.
  13. Double check! Make sure that you put your first and last name on the test and any other necessary information.

Post Test:

  1. When you get your test back look it over and make sure that there are no grading mistakes!
  2. Look over the test and make sure that you understand your mistakes! If you don't know the answer to a question, look it up, ask a classmate or ask the teacher.
  3. If the teacher reviews the test in class, be sure to take notes on what the teacher wanted for an answer on the questions/problems that you got wrong!
  4. If you aren't satisfied with your grade, go to your instructor and see if there's a make-up exam or any extra credit you can do!
  5. If you are allowed, save the test as study material for future tests!


By Emma Kennedy

59 IMG_4342.jpg

All throughout the school year (and some of last summer!), students have been working behind the scenes to produce the best yearbook ever.  These self-proclaimed “yearbooklings” have put their heart and soul into their work, and Journalism interviewed some of them!

What Your Favorite Part of Yearbook?

Libby Larner: “… just getting to know that we can create this book for everyone to see.”

Jaelyn Cooper: “… going around taking pictures.”

Kevin Castaneda:  “… meeting new people and being [involved in creating] the yearbook.”

Tatum Raush: “… taking the photos, picking the photos, and deciding where they go.”

Carly Robinson: “…hanging out with my friends and having fun.”

Natalie Hernandez: “… taking photos.”

Nadya Novella: “…when I know I can do something different on my page, and I don’t have to be in [SSR].”

Valeska Consoli: “… probably making new friends and you are always busy so you are never bored.”

ASB Assembly

By Betsy Calder

             On May 16, Ensign had their last Renaissance assembly for the year. The theme was Harry Potter and it was a "spelltacular" time! At the assembly students participated in games such as obstacle courses and a version of Quidditch created by the ASB students. Then, our Ensign pep-squad performed their award winning routine and they did an amazing job!

In between games students were announced into what section of Renaissance they made it into. There are four sections: blue, bronze, silver, and gold. The only way for students to qualify for these sections was to have a 2.5 to a 4.0 GPA and no Us or Ns on their report cards. After the students were announced, the ASB students presented the boys’ soccer team and the girls’ soccer team, introducing each and every player. Finally the inspirational student of the quarter, athletic scholar of the quarter, and teachers of the quarter were announced.

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Ensign's Accomplishments

By Christian Yassa

With the school year coming to a near end, 8th graders will soon have completed their 2nd year of middle school. All 8th graders have accomplished so much at their two years at ensign, but what were their greatest accomplishments?

Brendan Corr: Maintaining straight A’s

Luke Beehler: Hitting 17 home-runs in over the line

Melissa: learning to have more confidence

Dinushi: playing many sports

Dillon: it

Blake Ling and Erica Rodgers: winning golden Seabees

Jillian Bert: winning the Norman Stillwell award

Miranda McCormick: Maintaining a 4.0 GPA

Congratulations to all the 8th graders for all their accomplishments. I am sure you will all accomplish much more in your 4 years of high school.

Celebs without Makeup!

By Megan Carey

        Today’s society is so focused on social media and looking like our favorite celebrities that some forget who they truly are! Celebrities are made to look perfect and are featured almost everywhere in our lives (magazines, social media, billboards, television, etc). In reality, celebrities are actually real people with imperfections! So whenever you feel down or your flaws become more prominent, just remember, you’re not the only one! Here are some celebrities without makeup:

Amanda Seyfried.jpg


Kim Kardashian.jpg

Julie Chen.jpg

Jennifer Lawrence.jpg

Sofia Vergara.jpg

Snookie Cookie.jpg

Sharon Osbone.jpg

101 Excuses For Why You Don’t Have Your Homework

By Charlie Sandy, Keely Blissmer, and Blake Ling

  1. My dog ate it.
  2. I’m not using paper to save trees.
  3. I didn’t “understand.”
  4. It wasn’t on School Loop.
  5. Deny ever getting homework.
  6. I went to the hospital.
  7. It’s against my culture/religion.
  8.  It got mixed up with my sibling's stuff.
  9. I’m allergic to paper.
  10. I left it at home.
  11. I’m too swaggy for school.
  12. It fell out of my binder.
  13. Homework is illegal.
  14. It was busy.
  15. I was too tired.
  16. I forgot.
  17. I went somewhere.
  18. Take forever to get “it” out.
  19. I had practice.
  20. I didn’t want to do it.
  21. I was abducted by aliens.
  22. My brother/sister ate it.
  23. I had a family emergency.
  24. I thought it was optional.
  25. I was not supposed to come to school today.
  26. #yolo
  27. No one told me.
  28. I accidently dropped it in the toilet.
  29. The government won’t let me tell you why I didn’t do it.
  30. I used the paper for target practice.
  31. I’m going through a no HW phase.
  32. I don’t do mere muggle/mortal work.
  33. I’m being transferred to Hogwart.s
  34. Theo James melted my insides.
  35. ¿Que/Pardon?
  36. I won the HG and no longer need to go to school.
  37. I had no pencil.
  38. I forgot my binder at school.
  39. I didn’t have my textbook.
  40. I thought it was due tomorrow.
  41. I was attacked by invisible homework stealing Ninjas.
  42. I was mugged but they only took my HW.
  43. My uncle’s friend’s cousin’s sister’s goldfish died.
  44. There was a power outage and I burnt it for light.
  45. I had to save the world from a bear apocalypse (you should thank me).
  46. I forgot how to read/write.
  47. I was sky diving and I used the paper as a parachute.
  48. I gave it to a stray dog for food
  49. I used it as an umbrella and I got wet.
  50. I was out of toilet paper.
  51. My parents are still doing my HW.
  52. It was too hard.
  53. I was too busy annotating.
  54. My bro touched it and I had to burn it cause it had cooties.
  55. I am too smart for this HW.
  56. I got an intense paper cut and couldn’t write anymore .
  57. These are not the problems you’re looking for.
  58. I did the wrong problems.
  59. I gave it to my friend to copy and they didn’t return it.
  60. It was in pen and you don’t accept HW in pen.
  61. I moved to England.
  62. It ran away because of its math problems.
  63. No work, just dance.
  64. Teacher “where’s your HW?” You: “Where’s my essay I turned in 3 months ago?”
  65. Keep calm and forget about this conversation.
  66. Teacher you look very nice today! I(s that new whiteboard?
  67. Simon didn’t say too.
  68. My second alter ego forgot.
  69. I died but don’t cry for me Marge and Tina.
  70. I’m a ghost ooooo.. (backs out of classroom).
  71. Where is your HW?
  72. I’m sorry I’m new! My name is Regina Phalange.
  73. I broke my hand and can’t write.
  74. It spontaneously combusted.
  75. I typed it and my computer broke.
  76. I stained it when my pen exploded.
  77. Supercalifragilistexpialdocious.
  78. I had a bad day.
  79. There are more important things in life than HW
  80. I sacrificed my HW to the gods
  81. Theo James told me not too. You don’t say no to Theo
  82. Swiper stole my HW. Swiper no swiping!
  83. My hand fell asleep and I didn’t wake it up.
  84. To do or not to do…HW.
  85. I left it in Narnia.
  86. The 8th Amendment justifies HW as cruel and unusual punishment.
  87. Adventure Time was on.
  88. Procrastination is my life.
  89. They used it for the reaping.
  90. Create a distraction.
  91. Have an on-the-spot heart attack.
  92. Flip over the desk in outrage.
  93. Just walk out of the classroom.
  94. Wave paper in their face and claim that it is it.
  95. Shrek is love Shrek is life.
  96. I thought World War III was happening.
  97. Katniss is my role model and she didn’t have time for school.
  98. I’m having an emotional breakdown from reading too many novels’.
  99. I joined the Rebel Alliance and burnt my HW as a sign of justice.
  100. I was too busy playing games.
  101. I was on the NJHS trip.