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November/December 2015

Would You Rather?

By: Jennifer Garcia 

            In a recent survey we asked various teachers would you rather? questions that were randomly selected from a plastic cup. The teachers below kindly gave up some of their free time to answer the would you rather questions we would like to thank these teachers for their participation. We hope you enjoy the responses from the staff.


   Question: Would you rather have a 10 inch long belly button that swayed to music or have accordions for legs?

Response: Frank-“I would rather have accordions for legs so I could jump higher and be musical for the 10 inch belly button to sway to.”


Question: Would you rather have no internet or no cellphone?

Response: Mrs. Wagner- “I would rather have no cellphone because the internet is so valuable, I’ll just get a tablet.”


Question: Would you rather be stuck in Antarctica alone with nothing or in the desert with nothing

Response: Mrs. Grenier- “I would rather be stuck in the desert because I can’t stand being cold.”


Question: Would you rather be able to read or be able to read minds (illiterate)?

Response: Mrs. Brundage-“I would rather be able to read because I do not want to read what people think of me.”


Question: Would you rather have something in your eye or need to sneeze but never be able to for 1 year

Response: Ms. Vestagui- “I would rather not be able to sneeze for a year because I don’t want anything in my, eye that would be annoying.”


Question: Would you rather be good at sports, or get good grades?

Response: Mrs. Cross- “I would rather get good grades because if I was good at sports but get bad grades, maybe I wouldn’t be able to play sports.”


Questions: would you rather be completely invisible for one day or be able to fly?

Response: Mr. Cameron- “I would rather be able to fly because I want to feel it my arms.”


Question: Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors or go way into the future to meet your great-grandchildren?

Response: Mr. Arias-“I would rather go back in time to meet my ancestors to help shape a better future for them.”


Question: Would you rather know when you are going to die or how you’re going to die?

Response: Mr. Jain-“I would rather how I’m going to die because it would make it more interesting.”

Top 15 Things to Look Forward To In Winter!

By Hannah Morris and Luke Fyvie


15). Winter Swells


14).  Christmas Cookies 

Cookie 14.png

13). Christmas Music

Music 13.png
12). Candles / Smells

Candel 12.png

11). Warm drinks 

10). Hibernation

Sleep 10.png
9). Not having to worry about the dress code

dc 9.png

8). Being able to wear your hair down without dying of the heat (gain of thermal energy)

7). Snow (depending on where you are)

snow 7.png
6). Christmas trees


5). The Movies

4). Winter break

3). Family and friends


2). The holidays

new year 3.png

1). That you have waited 9 months for winter to come and it’s finally here!!!!!


Winter here 1.png


Hogwarts Houses!

By Shiloh Bryant and Zoe Arthur


Have you ever wondered what Hogwarts Houses your teachers are in? Well now you can figure it out! The Hogwarts Houses to choose from are…


Gryffindor: The Brave

Hufflepuff: The Loyal

Ravenclaw: The Smart and Creative

Slytherin: The Ambitious


Mr. Tucker - No comment.

Mrs. Tolles - Gryffinclaw because I have a creative side and I am brave because I will do what is right.

Mrs. Cross - Ravenclaw, because I like music and I am creative.

Miss Curtis - Gryffindor, because I look forward to change and attack challenges with gusto.

Velastegui - Hufflepuff, because I am loyal to the people I love.

Hernandez - Gryffindor, because I challenge what I have to face.

Mr. Jain - The Pirates.

Mrs. Grenier - Ravenclaw, because they are the brainy well behaved ones.


And, there you have it - some teachers in their Hogwarts Houses!

Mr. and Mrs. Tucker Interview

By Sterling Solomon and Avery Wooden


    On October 22, 2015 we interviewed a couple of newlyweds that go by the names of Mr. and Mrs. Tucker. Mr. Tucker proposed to Mrs. Tucker, or Ms. Rogina at the time last year at the last eighth grade Renaissance assembly of the year. Everybody has been dying to know all of the details about the couple’s wedding. We asked the couple a variety of questions such as the ones below:


Question: Does life feel different now that you are married?

Mr. Tucker: “…more completed.”

Mrs. Tucker: “…wonderfully different. Not used to being called ‘Mrs. Tucker,’ and there is just a difference.”


Question: What were you most nervous for before the wedding?

Mrs. Tucker: “…seating arrangement, if people show up.”


Question: What were you most excited for about the wedding?

Mr. Tucker: “…to see her in a beautiful dress.”

Mrs. Tucker: “…to get married.”


Question: What was the venue?

Answer: “…Long Beach Yacht Club.”


Question: How long did it take preparing for the wedding?

Answer: “…six months.”


Question: How big? (how many people)

Answer: “…220.”


Question: What were your wedding colors?

Answer: “…blue and white nautical theme.”


Question: Where did you two first meet: on or off campus?

Answer: “…on campus.”


Overall, Mr. and Mrs. Tucker had a fabulous wedding with family and friends!  Nothing could have gone better to end this perfect day! We thank both of them for their undivided attention and for allowing us to interview them on their wedding.



How Well Do You Really Know the Ensign Staff?

By Gia Negrete and Hannah Morris


15 staff members and 15 facts you did not know!


Mr. Jain – When he was young he jumped on a Pogo stick for over an hour without stopping!

Ms. Curtis – You might be surprised to know that this rockin’ teacher loves everything Gwen Stefani.

Mrs. Wagner – Did you know she use to teach skiing and writes her own poetry?

Mrs. Cross – Not only is she a great teacher, but she also was the flex arm hang champion in the 6th grade. Wow!

Mrs. Charron – Ever heard of the Power Rangers? Well, Mrs. Charron sure has; she dated the flash-back version of the white power ranger when she was in middle school!

Frank - I bet you did not know he was adopted at 7, did ya?

Mr. Becker - Not only did he travel by automobile, but this teacher has traveled around North America, parts of South America, and Canada over the course of three summers!

Dr. V - This amazing staff member was the gymnastics coach at the University of Arizona!

Mr. Erlinger - “Nobody will know my secrets. THE TREASURE WILL BE MINE!”

Mrs. Robertson - This scholarly staff member was the first one in her family to graduate college! You go, Mrs. Robertson!

Mrs. McDowell - She can do a two minute handstand!  Well, with the help of a wall, of course.

Mr. Sciacca - Did you know he was born to be a principal? Well, his third grade teacher sure knew because she gave him the title of "Cubby Captain."

Mrs. Hirsch - As a junior she was ranked at as a national tennis player.

Mrs. Blankenship - This beautiful teacher used to be a model.

Mrs. Grenier - This beautiful teacher competed for the title of Miss Orange in a beauty pageant when she was younger.



Who We Are...

Writers: Zoe Arthur, Shiloh Bryant, Kiona Carriker, Bryson Del Valle, Luke Fyvie, Jennifer Garcia, Ava Glassen, Hannah Morris, Gia Negrete, Elizabeth Peters, Roxy Salinas, Sterling Solomon, Amanda Wertheimer, Avery Wooden.

Editor: Elizabeth Peters

Instagram: Hannah Morris

Webmaster: Ava Glassen

Advisor: Kristine Cross



November Teacher of the Month - Mrs. Tolles!

By Elizabeth Peters and Avery Wooden


Tolles.JPGFor the month of November, the amazing Mrs. Tolles has been selected to be the teacher of the month. She was chosen for this honor because of her dedication to her classes and her enthusiasm each and every day she is here at Ensign. All of her students love her and enjoy her class. Now to tell you more about this amazing teacher the Seabee Buzz asked Mrs. Tolles a couple of questions:


Seabee Buzz: What are your favorite activities to do outside of school?


Mrs. Tolles: “I love to be active outside of school such as going on hikes with my friends and husband. I also love to do pilates and go to the dog park with my dog. Overall, I love to be outside and stay energetic!”


Seabee Buzz: If you were given three wishes, what would you do with them?


Mrs. Tolles:I would wish for health for my family and I, for the work I did to have an everlasting positive impact on the world, and for money.”


Seabee Buzz: What is your favorite part of teaching?


Mrs. Tolles:My favorite part of teaching is getting to know students with unique and individual personalities. It is a cool feeling to have seen a student grow from my teaching.”


Seabee Buzz: “What teaching methods do you think are most effective?”


Mrs. Tolles:Teaching methods that I feel are most effective is to make the students feel comfortable so that they can learn to the best of their ability. I also feel that it is good for them to communicate back and forth with each other so the students can see what each other thinks.”


Seabee Buzz: “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”


Mrs. Tolles: “If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Switzerland!”


Seabee Buzz: “What’s your favorite movie?”


Mrs. Tolles: “My favorite movie is The Holiday.”


Seabee Buzz: “Why did you become an English teacher?”


Mrs. Tolles: “I became an english teacher because it is my favorite  and best subject. At first, I started off coaching girls basketball, but eventually realized that I love being around students and making a positive impact on them.”


Seabee Buzz: “Do you have any embarrassing moments to share?”


Mrs. Tolles: “One embarrassing moment that I had recently was that my husband told me I couldn’t throw but I told him I could. So I shanked the ball and it hit my neighbor’s light on their porch.”


Seabee Buzz: “What’s your favorite lesson?”


Mrs. Tolles: “My favorite lesson to teach is the poetry unit because students go into the

lesson not liking poetry or feel they are bad at it, come out loving poetry. This unit also helps the students improves their essay and this is generally the best essay of the year.”


Seabee Buzz: “Any other information to tell us?”

Mrs. Tolles: “I am graduating from Kansas State after doing an online course. My final paper was a thirty page long research paper on military adolescence. This will be Mrs.Tolles Master’s Degree. I will have officially graduated on December 11, 2015.”


So that’s it, we have learned all about Mrs. Tolles, and if you happen to see her around school feel free to congratulate her on getting her master’s degree. She is an awesome teacher and the Seabee Buzz is happy they recognized her for this award. This school would not be the same without Mrs. Tolles and we cannot wait to spend more time with her here at Ensign.


Top Ten Video Games Of All Time

By Zoe Arthur, Bryson Del Valle, and Roxy Salinas


Minecraft #10:  Minecraft is an imaginative game where you are the creator. One of the first games where there was no ending and has 8 bit graphics unlike other popular games.


Call of Duty 4 #9: When people first played this game, they were shocked to find out that the character they played died. Even though this is shown multiple times later in the series back then this was a first of anytime the character they played died in any video game at the time.


Halo Combat Evolved #8: Halo gave us a button for melee (hand to hand combat) instead of having to cycle through weapons to get to your fist. It also removed the cycling through weapons thing I just mentioned. It made sticky grenades way more popular. It gave people a reason to buy an Xbox, which then gave Microsoft a reason to make a 360. It pretty much revolutionized vehicle use in FPS games.


Final Fantasy 7 #7: Has an amazing plot that left most players in tears, it also made the normal transitions in RPGs faster which lead to more RPGs (role-playing games) follow in its footsteps. It also made rpgs more popular as it was well renowned throughout gaming.


Last of Us #6: The pacing of the game is excellent; this is a game that's willing to take its time, letting you just inhabit a moment and take in the atmosphere rather than constantly rushing you to the next explosive action sequence.


Ocarina of Time #5: This game revolutionized the mechanics of 3D gameplay. It was the first game to successfully make the jump from 2D platforming to 3D platforming. Also the plot is awesome ( probably the best Zelda game to this day )


Fallout 4 #4:Fallout fans have waited 5 years for the next fallout game and it was well worth the wait. Fallout 4 has amazing graphics, story, companions, and has thousands of possible choices for dialogue between characters . Each decision you make in the wasteland could change your entire experience in fallout.


World of Warcraft #3: Revolutionized MMOs (a genre of multiplayer gaming) causing the MMO community to grow also made solo play an option which most gamer loved.


Resident Evil 1&2 #2:  Resident evil created a new genre of horror by creating horrifying creatures and making jumpscares that would chill you to the bone.


Half Life series #1: Introduced incredible physics with the creation of the gravity gun, caused the creation of Steam one of the most popular online game store, and has amazing storytelling mechanics (and is probably still the best today).


Honorable Mentions:

Five Nights at Freddy's



Life is Strange

GTA5 ( Grand Theft Auto 5 )


Street Fighter

Safety at School

By Elizabeth Peters


We have all learned about safety drills at school since we have participated in them since kindergarten but what does it really mean to be safe at school?


First off, there are many different ways to be safe but if you ride the your bike to school, you need to “walk your bikes at all times, in the morning and in the afternoon, across crosswalks” our safety instructor Ms. Brundage tells the Seabee Buzz. This is key to all of us because it keeps you from being hit by cars since they don’t see you. I know you think the world revolves around you, but, honestly, these cars aren’t always paying attention. But don’t go blaming the cars all the time, you can’t expect the cars to see you every time at a moment’s notice.


Now for the disaster drills. Earthquakes are up first, since for the longest time we have been expecting a giant earthquake and we need to be prepared even if it never comes. Say this life changing earthquakes comes, Ms. Brundage explains that “keeping your head” and “not waiting for the teacher or the intercom to say get under your desk” is key to making sure everyone stays safe. Earthquakes are very dangerous and if you remember to not panic, you will know what to do in every emergency.


Next up, fires. If a fire ever occurs on campus or a gas leak is sensed like the one in October, remember to stay calm and don’t forget what we have been practicing since we started in school. Ms. Brundage reminded me that in order to ensure our safety we must “listen to the teachers and trust the teachers to guide you to safety while also being calm and collected.”


To round off the safety drills category, the event of a lock down or intruder is something we see often on the news and definitely something we want to be prepared for. The students’ job in these events is very similar to what they would have to do in a fire drill: trust the teacher and be quiet. Remember, in this event it is not only your own life you are staking on the line by not listening, but everyone else’s in the room. So remember: be calm and listen.


In all of these events, the key is to “not use your cell phone because it interferes with the cell towers if everyone in the school used them the teachers or faculty cannot get the help that is needed” Ms. Brundage explains to the Seabee Buzz. Not to mention the “the parental panic that is caused unnecessarily” and make sure you wait until instructed to contact them.


Ms. Brundage does a lot for us and we don’t even realize it, even as I was interviewing her, I was surprised at everything she does. She runs the drills, picks the drill dates with Mr. Sciacca, our amazing new principal, does the all-call for the drills, updates the emergency backpacks and bins, goes to the district emergency meeting to make sure we are informed with the latest district information for emergency protocol, plans staff safety training, makes sure these meeting are done correctly, and works with our school resource officer, Vlad Anderson. These are only the jobs Ms. Brundage had time to tell me about but she has assured me that there are a lot more and if we continued to talk I am sure we would have been there all night.


The projects she has been working include but are not limited to trying to get crossing guards, crossing lights, and fixing the bike area issue. So far she has been lobbying to extend this area but we will just have to wait and see what happens.


If you have Ms. Brundage this year I hope you realize what an amazing teacher you have. I am so thankful to Ms. Brundage for all she does and I am grateful that she had the time for me to interview her. I hope you learned even just a little about safety from this article.

Day in the Life of ASB

By Avery Wooden and Amanda Wertheimer



From left to right - Avery Wooden (journalism), Lane McArdell, Haley Saba, Holden Clarke, Ruby Trestik, Lauren Lipkowski, Clayton Wallburger, Justin Boals, Cameron Fletcher, Riley DeCinces, Hannah Harvey, Riley Aust, Kelly Crane, Matthew Albrecht, Paige Bryant, Ricardo Garibay, Michael Morrison, Amanda Wertheimer (journalism), Nicole Laz.


Ever wonder what goes into to the dances here on campus or who creates the amazing posters seen on the walls? Well, these are organized and put together by your Ensign ASB. This team consists of hardworking seventh and eighth graders dedicated to providing you with the the best year possible.


What does a normal day of ASB consist of?

“A normal day of ASB consists of planning different events such as dances and assemblies, creating Renaissance scripts, and working in our committee teams.” - Michael Morrison


“A normal day consists of making posters, planning dances and assemblies, and having fun.” - Justin Boals


“A normal day in the ASB room consists of working in our committee groups and brainstorming ideas for different events.” - Riley DeCinces


“A normal day of ASB consists of making posters, approving requisitions (forms for clubs),and working in committee groups.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“There is no normal day of ASB because it depends on the event we are working on.” - Mrs. Charron  


What is your favorite thing to do in ASB?

“My favorite thing to do in ASB is to take down dances.” - Michael Morrison


“My favorite thing do in ASB is to put dances and assemblies together and work with my peers.” - Justin Boals


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is to plan the assemblies.” - Riley Decinces


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is is work in commissioner groups, and plan events because it is cool to see an event go well that we worked so hard on.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is setting up noon time activities. I enjoy watching people have fun.” - Riley Aust


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is working together as a team, listening to each other’s ideas and cooperating.” - Ruby Trestik


“I love to hear students brainstorming about events because one idea leads to another and there is a domino effect among students.” - Mrs. Charron


How many hours go into preparing ASB events, and how do you work as a team to prepare?

“Normally 6-8 hours goes into preparing ASB events as well as creating props, (such as posters). In order to finish all of this, it requires staying after school, and we work as a group in everything we do.” - Michael Morrison


“On average 6-8 hours go into preparing for ASB events. Sometimes in order for a project to be completed it takes weeks, and very rarely months.” - Justin Boals


“To prepare for ASB events is a lot of hard work. We are normally at school at 7:45 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. which is over 12 hours.” - Riley DeCinces


“For a Renaissance assembly we miss three periods, and get to school in the morning and stay after all events to take down. I find these really fun because ASB is one big family and we all contribute to each and every dance.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“More hours than anybody realizes goes into these events, and we do team building activities in order to make set up more smooth.” - Mrs. Charron  


What inspired you to try out for ASB?


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because my sibling was in the program and I have a strong desire for helping people.” - Michael Morrison


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I love to help people. I also wanted to make ASB a better place than it was before.” - Justin Boals


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I wanted to be involved in the school and I did it last year as well.” - Riley Decinces


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I was on student council in elementary school.” - Riley Aust


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I saw ASB as a hard-working class and knew people in it. ” - Ruby Trestik


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because my mom said it would be fun and I realized that I was good at leading.” - Lauren Lipkowski


What do you look for when choosing ASB candidates? (Mrs. Charron)


I choose students who are passionate about improving the school climate.” - Mrs. Charron


    After our interviewing experience, we have so much more appreciation for ASB events. Tons of hard work goes into every single one of these events and we are so lucky to have people like them helping out. We would like to  thank the entire ASB team for donating their time to us and for everything they do on campus.


Embarrassing Moments From Your Teachers

By Amanda Wertheimer and Ava Glassen


emoji.pngEveryone has had a cringe-worthy moment that makes you want to become invisible, and when we say everyone we mean everyone, even your own teachers. Unfortunately, these moments are basically inevitable in your middle/high school years. In order to feel better about our embarrassing moments, we asked teachers about theirs. While we were interviewing, teachers either could not remember or their troublesome moment came to them as if it occurred yesterday. Below are these awkward moments:


“In high school, I was walking to band and it had just rained, so as I was walking I slid down the band hill. When I got up, my whole back was muddy.” - Ms. Brundage


“It was my first day of summer school and I didn’t know anybody. I was roaming around, took a sip of water, and a bird pooped on my head! This caused me to be late to my first class and all of my peers stared at me.” - Mrs. Cross


“In high school, I fell down the stairs while wearing platform shoes.” - Mrs. Dorian


“When I was a middle school student, a seagull pooped on my shirt and it dripped all down my back . I started crying and went to the nurse. Instead of putting a new shirt on, I made my mom pick me.” - Mrs. Rush


“In high school, I tripped while walking up the stairs to give a speech to run for ASB president.” - Ms. Curtis


“I was performing baton at a school assembly and I dropped it in the middle of my performance.” - Mrs. Charron


“The bell rang and I had to get to class so I turned really fast and ran into a locker. I had a huge bump and bruise on my head.” - Capt. Fuchetti


“I was the kicker for the football team and on the first game of the season, I kicked it so high that it went over my head and we lost five yards. Also, when I was playing basketball, I shot and scored… for the other team.” - Mr. Mabry


“I never had any embarrassing moments because I didn’t take myself too seriously and laughed everything off.” - Madame Mallie


“I was riding my bike home from school and I saw the boy that I liked. I turned, waved, ran into a parked car, and then fell of my bike.” - Mrs. Wagner


“I didn’t read the directions for a lab in science, and the table ended up catching on fire. Everyone had to evacuate.” - Mrs. Brandes


“I had a skater haircut in middle school which was a long piece of hair that covered part of my face. I thought that it was really cool, until the day people told me it wasn’t.” - Mr. Sciacca


“I had cool brown hair when I was younger. One day, I was talking to these cute girls under a tree while my hair was blowing in the wind. A pigeon landed on one of the tree branches above me and pooped right on top of my head.” - Mr. Becker


“I hated locker room changing. One day, I was changing in the locker room and the girl next to me had the same jean skirt. When ours got mixed up, we started fighting over the jeans skirts and the whole situation was just very awkward.” - Mrs. Velastegui


“My friends and I were messing around in the showers after PE and clogging the drains to make a slip-n-slide, but little did we know that the coach’s office was just around the corner. He got really mad at us and lined us up next to one another, and spanked us with a paddle with holes in it.” - Mr. Cameron


“I was embarrassed every time my mom picked me up from school.” - Mr. Jain


“In high school, my math teacher asked me to stop messing around, and instead, I talked back. I had to wait outside for the rest of the period.” - Miss Rain


“When I was sixteen, I donated blood, but it was too much for me and I passed out. As I passed out, I knocked over the carton of orange juice, causing it to spill all over me, and it looked like I peed my pants!” - Mrs. Reilly


“I was visiting a friend at work, when I waved to say hello I ran right into a pole.” - Mrs. Grenier


“Thinking about it now, it is really embarrassing that I wore a white dress with red hearts.” - Mrs. Halperin


“I showed up with two mismatched shoes, and I didn’t even notice!” - Mr. Blackie


“I was stuck in band playing the trombone.” - Mr. Harrell   


Now every time you think of how embarrassing your middle school moments are, think of what your teachers went through when they were your age. We would like to thank all of the teachers for taking the time to answer our hard-hitting question. Remember to not take you’re humiliating moments too seriously because one day it will be a funny story to tell. We hope you cracked a smile at these hilarious memories!


Getting to Know Mrs. Arrow!

By Ava Glassen



This year, we had the pleasure of welcoming Mrs. Arrow, a Language Arts teacher, who teaches 7th and 8th grade English. I asked her a few questions about her life and her experience at Ensign:


1. What college did you too and what did you major in?


“I got my undergrad at Long Beach State and I got my masters degree in English.”


2. Did you always want to be a teacher? If not, what did you want to be instead?


“I always wanted to be a teacher - I had a background with children when I was a camp director in middle school.”


3. How is Ensign different from the other schools/places you’ve worked at?


“There are many opportunities here - students have access to education, extra curricular activities, and even the beach! There is so much available like extra support and communications.”


4. What are some hobbies that you enjoy in your freetime?


I love hanging out with my Golden Retriever, Cody, and my son, Jack. I also really enjoy reading at the beach.”


5. If you could choose a novel for your students to read, which book would you chose and why?


“Well, we already get to read this but I really like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain because there is so much humor and I am thrilled to explore the literate with the kids.”


6. How do you spend your summers?


“I love to travel with my family - anywhere and everywhere.”


7. Is there an interesting fact about yourself that you would like to share?


“I did cartwheels on the Great Wall of China and when I was doing semester at sea, I shaved my head crossing the equator.”


8. If you were going to be stranded on an island, what three items would would you take?


“An endless supply of chocolate, an Ipod with music, and my family.”

I would like to thank Mrs. Arrow for her time and we welcome her to the staff at Ensign!

See guys. Journalism isnt just for girls, our boys have fun too!

A photo posted by ߐ݅nsign's Journalism Teamߐݠ(@seabeebuzzz) on

Miss Fryer’s Bracelets

By Luke Fyvie


Miss Fryer’s bracelets company is one in a million, something that I had never seen before, and I can guarantee most of my peers have not either. Called Creations for Wildlife, Miss Fryer and her son share the business half and half, creating a unique way to raise money for endangered animals like the elephant, red panda, rhino, giraffe, and many more.


Her online store sells bracelets, with stones on them carved into the beautiful shapes of the endangered animals she is supporting. If you buy a bracelet with a rhino on it, you help raise money for the business and for a specific organization supporting that animal. The best seller is the rhino, with all the other animals raising about the same amount of money.


I loved this business because it is a creative, loving way to raise money for animals that deserve it. You can follow her business on Instagram @creations4wildlife.

Who Would Teachers Want to Be?

By Jennifer Garcia


In a recent interview,  I asked the teachers, "If you could be anyone for a day besides yourself, who would you be and why?" I got many intriguing responses and I'm so glad that I asked this question. These are the teachers' responses to my question:


Mrs. Curtis: “Kacy Catanzaro because she’s a crazy cool gymnast, and I would like to jump and climb on things.”curtis.png

Mrs. Hernandez:  “Emperor Augustus because he was a very good leader in the Roman Empire.”

Mrs. Grenier: “Yo-Yo Ma because he’s the best cellist in the world.”

Mrs. Halperin: “Kristin Wiig, because she’s funny.”halperin.png

Mr. Tucker: “Myself in a more patient, more humble, more caring version of myself.”

Mr. Cameron: “The man on the moon because he’s happy.”cameron.png

Mrs. Tolles: “This is going to sound cheesy, but I wouldn’t want to change myself. I’m totally happy with my life.”

Ms. Velastegui: “Wonder Woman because she has super powers.”velastegui.png

Mrs. Wagner: “My son, Dave, or my other son, Marc.”

Mrs. Charron: “John Adams because he’s my favorite president.”

Frank: “Wolverine from Xmen because he regenerates and has powers.”

Mrs. Gibbons: “Jimmy Fallon because he is incredibly talented and incredibly funny.”