March/April 2014

57 Small Things That Make Humans Happy

By Jordan Golden

Life is all about those small little happy things and happy moments. It is up to you to look for them, notice them and create more of them. When you connect the dots between all these little joys, life will seem fuller and more satisfying.

In general, our brains are more attuned to negative news and have a strong negative bias. The brain is simply built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news and human beings conveniently forget the small “happiness moments” that they have had in the past which made a difference to the way they felt at that moment.

It takes a little effort to see the good things in your life especially when you aren’t used to it. There are many things to be thankful for which are often neglected because we take them for granted.

  1. Waking up and realizing that you still have a few hours left to sleep
  2. Getting wet in the rain
  3. Watching the expression on someone’s face as they open a present from you
  4. Knowing that somebody misses you
  5. When someone special reads your mind
  6. When you get invitations in the mail
  7. When you really needed help and someone offered it to you unexpectedly
  8. Riding on a rollercoaster and screaming loudly while holding your hands in the air
  9. You just said “no” to someone and really meant it
  10. You define success on your own terms
  11. When someone tells you that you matter to that person
  12. When you become the recipient of a random act of kindness
  13. When you know that you have the freedom to do your own thing
  14. Knowing that you belong to the smartest species on the planet
  15. Knowing that if you got sick, there is someone who would take care of you
  16. Knowing that you have made a difference in somebody’s life
  17. Knowing that you have a TV to watch your favorite channels
  18. Knowing that you are luckier than many people you know
  19. Knowing that someone took care of you and sent you to school
  20. Jumping into a bed with fresh clean sheets
  21. Googling random things and exploring the unexplored
  22. Finding an old toy with which you played as a kid
  23. Hearing a song that reminds you of the person you love
  24. Showing old people how to do something on a computer and making you feel like a genius
  25. The feeling that you get in the first ten seconds after you turn out the lights and settle into a good sleeping position
  26. Swimming in the sea
  27. Picking the fastest moving line at the shopping mall checkout
  28. Seeing old photographs of relatives in their youth
  29. Walking barefoot on the sea beach and feeling the sand in your feet
  30. Doing random unplanned things and getting a kick out of just merely doing it
  31. When you do random acts of kindness
  32. When your dad tells you how she met your mom
  33. When it feels like the lyrics to the song you are listening to were written with you in mind
  34. Knowing that you have friends who put up with you although you drive them nuts at times
  35. When you learn something new
  36. When the phone rings and it is somebody you were just thinking about
  37. When someone asks for your advice because that person respects your opinion
  38. When you go to a movie with someone you like
  39. Watching a rainbow after the rain
  40. Going for a random walk with no destination in mind
  41. Calling someone who you have been thinking of and making their day
  42. Watching a movie in the theater with your family
  43. Realizing that you do have people who care for you in your life
  44. Finding a quote that reflects your actual life situation
  45. Going to the rooftop with a good book to read
  46. When you listen to some light music on a lazy Sunday afternoon
  47. Watching the sun rise
  48. When you receive a smile from a stranger
  49. When you are having a lazy day with absolutely nothing to do
  50. When you go through old photos and remember all the memories associated with the photos
  51. When you see people share your articles, status updates and tweets with others
  52. When people notice your mood
  53. The thrill of being alive and being able to enjoy these small happiness moments
  54. Love your life right now. It will change some day and you will miss what you have now.
  55. If you can relate to some of the happiness moments above, print it and put it on your refrigerator or cupboard.
  56. To quote Robert Brault ~ “Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

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A Teenager's Guide to Stress

By Delaney DeCinces

Stress is a problem many teens have. Whether it is in school or home life, it follows you and that is all you think about. The first way to get rid of stress is to recognize it, so let’s start off with naming the standard symptoms of stress:

  • Too much homework
  • Sports
  • Parents
  • Friends


  1. Too much homework:
    1. A way to handle homework is to get it done right away! When you procrastinate and wait until the last minute to complete your homework, your stomach might begin to hurt, and you may have headaches. I recommend that you have a normal area that you do your homework at and sit down to complete it.
  2. Sports:
    1.  Sports should be a fun way to spend your time away from everything, so if it puts you in an uncomfortable position, then you should either find a new sport or something else to do. Always try your best and never give up!
  3. Parents:
    1. Parents love to sit down and talk with their kids, so if there is tension between you and your parents, then give them a talk and tell them what’s on your mind.
  4. Friends:
    1. Friends can either be great or difficult. A great way to take your mind off of friends is to go have alone time in your room and read or listen to music. Relaxation takes your mind off of everything. Having a good smelling candle lit in your room helps put your mind at ease.

Teacher Quirks

By Erica Rogers and Hannah Hobrecht

Teacher Quirks

Mr. Blackie: Talks in third person

Mrs. Charron: Talks with her hands and paces back and forth

Mr. Harrell: Puts his sunglasses on top of his head

Ms. Prober: Cracks jokes in class

Ms. Curtis: Says “super” and “Stare and make them feel awkward.”

Mrs. Tolles: Swings her keys

Mrs. Cross: Talks with her hands

Mr. Mabry: Uses props

Who We Are...


Seabee Buzz writers with After Romeo

Writers: Jillian Birt, Keely Blissmer, Betsy Calder, Megan Carey, Katie Clark, Bella Crafton, Delaney DeCinces, Jordan Golden, Hannah Hobrecht, Emma Kennedy, Amanda Klarin, Blake Ling, Dillon Lippman, Miranda McCormick, Erica Rogers, Adena Rothbard, Charlie Sandy, Christian Yassa

Advisor: Kristine Cross



New School Loop App!

By Christian Yassa

SchoolLoopApp.jpgThe long awaited SchoolLoop app for mobile devices is finally out of beta stages and is available for any student attending a school which participates in the program. Up until now the app was only being tested in a few schools but is now released to all students. The app is only available on two platforms; the iPhone and any device with the Google Play store. This app is a refreshing update from the mobile version of the standard website. The mobile site was often slow, unresponsive, and required a login every time you wanted to use the app. There were also third party apps that allowed you to check your grades such as Grade Grabber and Grades Plus, but were still unreliable.

The new SchoolLoop app is a great tool for students who want to check their grades quickly or on the go. The app features a quick one time login process and a simple design. When opening the app you are directed to the assignments page and any “news” appears as a pop up. If you tap on the courses tab you are given a simple page showing your courses and your grade for each. To get an in-depth analysis for any class, just tap. You would then be directed to a graph of your grade change and each assignment from the class. In my opinion this is a great app with only a few software bugs. This is a great app for all students and a very useful tool.

Spirit Run 2014

Spirit Run

By Christian Yassa

On Sunday March 23, 2014, N-MUSD held their annual Spirit Run which benefits the schools in the district. There were several events including the Adult 10k/15k, Youth 5k, and various other races.

Our Ensign cross country team participated in the event competing against various other schools within the district. People all ages and sizes came out to run and have fun. Many volunteers also came out to support the runners and help run the event. The race was fun and exciting and all participants did great!

Congratulations to all participants and thank you for your support.

Mr. Mabry - Flipping the Classroom

By Christian Yassa

Mr. Mabry, the geometry teacher at Ensign, uses a unique way to teach his classroom. He calls it "flipping the classroom." This is where he uploads video lessons online and assigns them as homework assignments for his students.


Interview with Mr. Mabry


1. What is flipping the classroom?


Flipping the classroom is the lecturing that would conventionally be done in the classroom done as a homework assignment. This allows me to do more challenging and interesting things in class like GeoGebra (a computer program that allows you to construct figures and prove things learned) and outside activities.


2. Is it effective?


Yes, the notes have been very successful for my geometry class. This makes the course more difficult because we have the time to do more challenging activities. This prepares the students for high school and they understand the curriculum.


3. Do you recommend other teachers use this technique?


I am not completely sure. I only use this method in my advanced geometry class because I know they can handle it. It enables me to teach a more challenging course. I think it make work for some teachers and subjects, but not all.

video note picture.png


I also asked some students what they thought:


Megan Carey: I think the videos are helpful because I can learn at home and pause when I need more time.


Katie Clark: They are good because I can pause and mull them over.


Claire Leiby: They are helpful because we can learn more in class.


Abby Buggeln: I like them because you can go at your own pace.


Aaron Barnett: They are a good twist on the traditional homework because we can practice problems in class.

What Did You Do Over Ski Week?

By Megan Carey

All of us were relieved to have a week off of school. What did you do this Ski Week? What was your favorite part?


Camie: Over Ski Week, I went on the Ensign D.C. trip. We went to Washington, Philadelphia, and New York to visit many historical sites. My favorite part was going to New York.


Andrew: Over Ski Week, I went to Canada. I went for five days with my family. I visited Vancouver and Toronto. We got to see a lot of snow and cool buildings. My favorite part was Toronto and rock climbing.

Oliver: Over Ski Week, my mother was gone and she’s usually the one that plans everything out over break as a family, so I mostly just did absolutely nothing.


Kevin: During Ski Week, I went backpacking with my dad. We went to a lake near Lake Tahoe called Echo Lake. My favorite part was spending time in camp and eating.

Sara: Over Ski Week, I hung out with friends and I had swim practice in the morning and at night.



Bella: I went to Disneyland with Megan. I also loved going laser tagging at Laser Quest!


Katie: I went skiing in Utah and saw my friend Annie Mader. I also celebrated my mom’s birthday in Las Vegas with my cousins.

Adena: I celebrated mom’s birthday. My favorite part was going to the beach where I swam and played beach games.

Christian: I went to China with some friends. I had a lot of fun!


Blake: I went to Disneyland…twice!


What did you do??

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Early College High School Comes to Visit Ensign

By Delaney DeCinces


On Monday, March 31, 2014, a few representatives from Early College High School came to the eighth grade English classes and talked about their school.  It is a high school that gives you not only college credits, but a free year of college.  This grew from Bill Gates’ (founder of Microsoft) idea that all young students should get a proper education at their disposal.  This school has many great amenities such as amazing teachers and small class sizes.  Their in-class ratio ranges from 25:1 to 20:1 this means 20 students to one teacher.  This gives all students accessibility to assistance and in-class tutoring. 

To find out more information, go to this website:

Ms. LaBarron - New School Counselor

By Erica Rogers and Hannah Hobrecht


Ms. LaBarron is a new counselor at our school who is filling in for Ms. Rybaczyk. She likes Ensign a lot and says that everyone is very helpful and welcoming. She knew she wanted to be a counselor because she likes to help people and loves to be with kids. Her mom worked in a special education class and Ms. LaBarron would go with them on field trips with them. That is when she realized she wanted to work in a school setting.

This is not her first job though, she as a long term substitute for three different counselors and then worked as a counselor for an elementary school. For her undergraduate she majored in psychology. She then went to Marymount University to get her graduate degree.

On a typical day, Ms. LaBarron meets with students about their grades and how they can improve their grades.  She also meets with teachers and parents and sometimes she works with Mr. Arias.


By Adena Rothbard and Bella Crafton

divergent book cover.png

Divergent, the young adult novel written by Veronica Roth, takes place in a futuristic dystopia where society is divided into five factions. Each faction represents a different virtue, teenagers have to decide if they want to stay in their faction or switch to another - for the rest of their lives. Tris Prior makes a choice that surprises everyone. Then, Tris and her fellow faction-members have to live through a highly competitive initiation process to live out the choice they have made. They must undergo extreme physical and intense psychological tests, which transform them all. But Tris has a secret that she is Divergent, which means she doesn't fit into any one group. If anyone knew, it would mean a certain death. As she discovers a growing conflict that threatens to unravel the seemingly perfect society, this secret might help her save the people she loves... or it might destroy her.

divergent movie poster.jpg

Just recently, this exciting novel was made transformed into a movie. After reading, and watching divergent, our opinion was…  

… I really enjoyed the book Divergent! I couldn’t put it down it was so exciting! After reading and LOVING the book I had very high expectations of the movie living up to the greatness of the book. Although there were some very exciting and suspenseful parts of the movie, there were many changes made in the plot that I feel were more interesting and easy to follow in the book. I also think that the movie didn’t develop the characters and their emotions, personalities as much in the movie as in the book. I would definitely recommend the book to everyone but be prepared for a little disappointment in the movie. –Bella Crafton           

… I had a great time reading Divergent! It kept me up all night, and after reading this amazing book, I was ready for the movie! I was super excited, and hoped that the movie would be as great as the book was. Finally, it came out, and it turned out to be fantastic. Although it did not completely follow the plot line, it still kept up with the quick and exciting pace of the book. I applaud everyone who contributed their time in making this movie, but most importantly; great job Veronica Roth! I encourage anyone who enjoys exciting books and the Hunger Games, to read and watch Divergent! – Adena Rothbard

Find Your Inner Animal

By Katie Clark and Megan Carey

Do you ever wish you were an animal?

Megan Carey: I want to be a party animal.

party animal.png
Sara Ramirez: I’d be a dolphin.
Adena Rothbard: I would be an ape, because they are fun and exciting and smart. I also want to be an ape because they are the closest animal to humans.
Bella Crafton: I would be a cool exotic bird because I could fly and be colorful.

Lyndsey Kaufman: I would be a panda because they are cute and fluffy.

Skittles: A raccoon because raccoons are my favorite animals and I like raccoons and their cool.
Aaron Barnett: I would be a bear, because it's been kind of my family animal, and I like to swim (yes, bears swim, Google it).

Litzy Alvarez: I would be a sea turtle because they are cute.

Christian Yassa: A monkey, because they are free to do whatever they want.
Jordan Golden: Probably a cheetah because I could run faster.