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January/February 2019


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Opinion: The Great Tragedy of the Superbowl Halftime Show

By Aaron Wong

The Superbowl was pretty boring this year. We had teams that nobody liked, advertisements that were lackluster and lifeless, everything felt off. But the majority of people weren’t watching to see the game. No, everybody was watching to see a tribute to a man that impacted many people’s childhoods. They wanted to see the Spongebob song “Sweet Victory” performed at the halftime show. But of course, this didn’t happen. So, why did this happen? Why were people thinking it could be a possibility, and what actually happened on the halftime show?

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you know the culture of the Superbowl, but, if you don’t, there are three big elements that everybody celebrates. One, the actual football game, two, the ads played in between breaks, and three, the performances. There are two main performances at the Superbowl, the National Anthem and the halftime show. The halftime show is the bigger of the two because the artist performing gets to perform whatever they want and even include a few guests. It’s treated as a big deal whenever word gets out on who the performer is because the Superbowl is a massive televised event. The entire world, or nation at the very least, will be able to see that artist perform live, most of which may not listen to music very much or aren’t up to date with the music world. As far as I know, it’s extremely profitable in the long run and can turn out great if the people behind it actually care about the presentation. So, what went wrong this year?

The whole process to the halftime show all started when Maroon 5, a band not particularly liked by many, accidentally leaked that they would be performing at the Superbowl halftime show. People were getting pretty mad already, but it wasn’t too bad. We had no idea what they were planning to do, so maybe it could turn out great. Then a few weeks passed and, without warning, Stephen Hillenburg, creator of Spongebob Squarepants, dies at 55 years. Hillenburg was a massive contribution to many people’s childhoods and to see him go was a pain for most. Countless art pieces, music performances, tribute videos, all were done after his death. That’s how big his death was. Really, though, there shouldn’t be a connection here. Spongebob and the Superbowl, really? Well, there was an episode of the show titled “Band Geeks” where Spongebob and crew perform a song at a big football-type event. The episode was pretty good, even by standard show expectations. The big conclusion of the episode had the cast sing the song “Sweet Victory,” made specifically for the show. So when Stephen Hillenberg died, people thought it would be funny if the song was performed at a real event.

In December of 2018, a petition was made to not only kick Maroon 5 from performing at the Superbowl, but to also have “Sweet Victory” performed in its place. The petition started with a pretty decent start, having about a few thousand. When I signed the petition, it was at 5,000 people or so, which is pretty good. But then… it escalated… 100,000 people, 500,000 people, this was becoming one of the most successful petitions on the website. If the NFL didn’t do anything, it would end up horribly. As of writing this, the petition has had 1,200,000 people sign, one of the most signed petitions on the website. Social media was blowing up, news articles writing countless articles writing about it, there was no way to avoid it. The NFL needed to do something, and they needed to do it quickly.

In January of this year, several trailers were released teasing the event, which confirmed many questions. For one, it was confirmed that, yes, Maroon 5 would be performing. But, the most important thing is that during the trailer, there was a Spongebob clip shown, confirming that our voices were heard and “Sweet Victory” was actually going to be performed. Or so we thought. Then a month passes, and the big day arrives. People start storming social media to scream “Yes! They’re going to do it.” More news articles were written with the title “Will ‘Sweet Victory’ be performed?” The game soon goes into a pause, welcoming the new performers. Finally, the performance goes live…

The performance was just 10 seconds of Spongebob with “Sicko Mode” being played instead. Oh, and Adam Levine was also taking a piece of clothing off every after every song.

Really, did you really think that it was going to be performed? Halftime performances take an absurd amount of planning and for a small little petition to completely override the whole performance is just silly. But the NFL is still completely in the wrong for one reason. Why did they include it in the first place?

The Halftime Show was supposed to be Maroon 5’s time to shine, but a lot of the performance was other rappers and trends and it lacks identity. They tried to include everything in this performance, but then the big star of the show just disappeared. They brought in a lot of ideas, but none of them was fleshed out to their fullest potential. The halftime show didn’t need anything other than Maroon 5, but the fact that they included it anyway just makes then NFL look greedy. The two performances before that, being Lady Gaga and Justin Timberlake, had the performers cycle between their most recognizable songs. See, simple. Sure, they could have a tribute to a recently passed performer like what Timberlake did with Prince, but that should take up two minutes at the most. Maroon 5 only got to perform two or three songs while the other appearances took too much time and it wasn’t impactful in a meaningful way. “Sicko Mode” was just thrown in last minute because it was a giant meme at the time. Do you know what was also trendy at the time? The petition to thrown in “Sweet Victory” at the Super Bowl.

This year felt manipulative, they made decisions only for the sake of popularity and not because they wanted to make a meaningful performance. If you were on any social media at the time of airing, the NFL was just this giant punching bag. They dislikes on the YouTube version was so high, they had to reupload it just so the dislikes would reset. But guess what, that affected nothing. It reminds me of the Youtube Rewind that was premiered only a few months ago where the same issues arose. YouTube kept throwing in trends, celebrities that had nothing to do with YouTube and had them for a long time while the actual YouTubers were there for five seconds at the most after days of planning and filming. And this video became the most disliked video on YouTube. This year, companies have been becoming way too obvious with their advertising, causing many people to start taking notice and fighting back. Just remember, this is only the beginning of the year and three big media campaign controversies have been created already. Just be careful with the rest of the year.

Bullying Should Not Be Allowed

By Diana Estrada

Use your voice to stop bullying I decided to write this article because students are getting bullied based on their religion, their skin color, their thoughts and looks, and family problems. Some students are afraid of showing, telling their teachers, or parents that they are getting bullied. There are students who are keeping their friends not knowing they are getting bullied. There are students who are trapping themselves in the dark and not asking for help. Students should not be afraid of standing up to bullying because if they don’t stand up for bullies they are going to regret it for the rest of their lives. Students are keeping themselves in the dark not knowing what to do because they are afraid to fight back. So I decided to write this article because I don’t want to see students hurting other students. I want people to stand up and show the bullies you are not afraid of them.

What To Do When Someone Is Getting Bullied!

If you see someone bullying another person you should stand up to the bully or go to the teacher during or after it happened. Don’t be afraid what they are going to do to you - just stand up and be strong.

And if they don’t stop after the teacher says to then keep fighting because you can't make the bully think they have the power: you have the power to make yourself stronger. Make sure your classmates feel safe and help them if they're getting bullied.  Go to the closest classroom that is open or if you have friends with you defend the person who is getting bullied. Tell them to back off. If you let them bully others they will think they have the power and will continue to bully. If you don’t stand up and defend yourself you will regret this. You are stronger than you think. You might be afraid but at least you are standing up and they will know you're not afraid. You might think you're alone but you are not. Don’t trap yourself inside the dark - shine and be stronger than the bullies.

Reasons Why Bullies Bully

A reason bullies bully students is because sometimes they are victims themselves, or powerless in their homes which leads to a desire for control or power and an outlet to impress their friends.

Also another reason is the bully feels alone. But when he/she gets to class to laugh, even at others, some bullies will feel less alone just because they feel alone in this world. And they just bully you because they are jealous.  Every bully in the whole world is jealous of something you have and they don’t. They're jealous because you have friends or a perfect family or have great clothes. They also bully because they think they have more things than you. They also bully because they might have family issues that they take out on you. They think they are the victim but what they are doing is selfish. Be strong, don't be afraid, and stand up!

Bullying Comic

D.C. and New York Trip

By Olivia Stratton and Chloe Bennett

We interviewed teachers that will be serving as chaperones on the upcoming D.C and New York trip for the students of Ensign. We interviewed Mrs. Anderson and Ms. Rain.


How long have you been going on the DC trips?

Anderson: This is my first time going on the trip.

Rain: I have been once before during the 2012 trip.

How long is the trip duration?

Anderson: At first I thought that it was a week but I was told that it was five days.

Rain: It will be around 5-6 days.

What other teachers are going on the trip, other chaperones?

Anderson: Ms. Levy and Ms. Rain will also be attending.

Rain: We will have a few chaperones. Also, there will be four students per room at the hotels.

What are some of the fun activities the students will be attending?

Anderson: We are going to be going to a Broadway show, meeting the actors, and going to the empire state building along with the national mall and the Lincoln Monument. Also a lot of good museums.

Rain: We will be going to see a Broadway play and we will also walk in Central Park and in New York, and we will take a boat tour to see the Statue of Liberty.

Is this trip different than the other DC trips that have been taken in past years?

Anderson: Going to New York because before it was before

Rain: We used to go to Virginia and Gettysburg.

Do you know how many students are traveling this year?

Anderson: 45 to 60 students.

Rain: 45 people are going.

How long has this trip been happening?

Anderson: Oh, like 20 years at least.

What is the ratio to boys and girls?

Anderson: Half and half.

What are the modes of transportation?

            Rain: We will be flying on an airplane to Washington D.C. and driving on an bus to New York.

Anything else we should know?

            Rain: The most important thing is to have fun!

            Anderson: I am excited to join this year!


These are the answers to your questions about the trip to Washington D.C. and New York.

The Poser Epidemic at Ensign

By Regan Smith

We've all been frustrated when we someone supporting a jersey or band logo, and feel frustrated when the person will know next to nothing about the topic, and are only wearing the shirt to gain popularity with their peers.

However, many people also have a hard time understanding the perspective of a person who is sporting that T-shirt. I have been in a very awkward position with my friend group, where I was wearing a Rolling Stones t-shirt, and I like to listen to their songs while I work on my homework.

And since I couldn't name one of their songs I was labeled a "poser," which felt completely unjustified in being called because I like their sound, and just because I am not a die-hard fan, I am a poser for wearing the t-shirt. And the worst part about that experience was that my friends were actually mad at me. I was so confused and can only imagine how awkward that conversation could have gone for someone else who doesn't listen to the music.

However, I can understand how frustrating it would be for a die-hard fan of the band to be really angry, because it would be showing disrespect, by just using that band as a way to gain popularity.

Although I feel like the biggest concern with the poser epidemic at Ensign would be people's reaction to someone being a poser, because many people are sporting t-shirts like that because it is a desperate move to gain admiration, and by calling someone out on what they are wearing, you are only further diminishing their fading confidence.

Furthermore it is poor manners to call someone out. Last year I saw a some other seventh grader being bombarded for wearing a jersey for a team that he didn't know much about the team, he was only wearing it to gain the admiration of his friends. However his plan backfired because they had known that the person knew nothing about the team, and the kid was forced to endure through his own friends cursing at him for wearing a jersey he knew nothing about! It was ridiculous!

Altogether, the message of this article is to consider what you say to someone if you are even going to call them out, because the situation may be more complex than it would seem.

What is the Difference between having Social Media and not having Social Media?

By Kimberly Picasso and Diana Estrada

Kimberly's opinion: I think having social media can be something bad but at the same time something good. Something good, I think, about social media is that you can make more friends from all over the world, and also you can get advice and see new ideas from other people. Something bad about social media is that people cyberbully other people and then people get sad and depressed. On the other hand, people get into a lot of drama and people get lots of hate for some reason and just starting commenting bad things about them. So my advice is if you are going to have any type of social media use it for what it is and not for what it is not for.  

Diana’s opinion: My opinion on having social media it could be distracting and sometimes using it to help me. Sometimes social media can be good to used is making friends, texting, and calling my parents if I’m going to stay after school for a test. Social media it apart of school website and helpful for business. This is helpful to connect to teachers and student and help them if they feed back for there teachers and friends. Some social media helps students to get better. While on the other hand, social media can be a bad thing because depression, detracting, poor sleep, effects on your eyes, and experience stress. So my opinion is if you are seeing to much social media, used it for important thing and also used it to text your friends and watch anything for a little time. So sometimes used it and sometimes don’t, I mean spend time with your friends and family and have fun.

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