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September/October 2017

Davidson Field Opening

By Nathan PetersDavidson Field Opening
On Friday September 8, 2017, the newly refurbished Davidson Field at Newport Harbor High School was officially opened by the district to the public. If you do not know, Davidson Field is where both Newport Harbor High School and Ensign Intermediate School play their home games. The field has been under construction for the past year. The opening ceremony was held at 4:00 in the afternoon before the Newport Harbor varsity football team was scheduled to have its first home game of the season against the Chino Hills football program. The game ended with a final score of 21-42 and a Chino Hills victory over Newport Harbor High School.  The field is expected to last for many years to come.

Are Instagram Food Places Up To The Hype?

By Samantha Joseph and Abby Hickson


Ever seen a food place on Instagram and wondered if it all it’s cracked up to be? Well, it’s your lucky day: you’re about to find out! Every month, we will be reviewing two interesting and popular food destinations. Our September theme was ice cream, so we checked out Icecubes Costa Mesa and After’s Ice Cream Costa Mesa.



First off, we sampled all the flavors at Afters Ice Cream. Afters is home to the legendary "milky bun": an ice cream donut sandwich. We love their nearby location in Triangle Square in Costa Mesa. When we walked in, we were pleasantly surprised by the nice, calm environment. Although Afters is instagram famous, there was no one else in the store besides the very friendly staff member. She allowed us to sample all 15 of their flavors and each was extremely delicious.  Our favorites were the milk and cereal because of its creaminess and the Peach Mango because it was so refreshing.

Afters Ice Cream
Afters Ice Cream

Ice Cubes:

Second, we sampled Icecubes, a frozen dessert place specializing in rolled ice cream and “snowballs.”  Icecubes just started their soft opening four weeks ago and plan their grand opening for October 18.  Rolled ice cream is prepared by putting the ice cream base on a chilled platter. From there it is mixed with additions and rolled.  Then, toppings such as fresh fruit and mochi are added to create the final product.

The flavors of rolled ice cream we tried were coconut ube (sweet potato), chocolate addiction, and Thai iced tea lychee.  Coconut ube was super creamy and delicious, the mochi topping gave just the right squish.  The Thai iced tea lychee was a little hard, icy, and the lychee flavor overpowered the thai ice tea flavor.  Chocolate addiction was very smooth, with a variety of toppings and perfect amount of chocolate flavor.  For the adventurous foodie, the way to go is definitely ube coconut.  For those who wish to stay in their comfort zone, our recommendation is the chocolate addiction.

Ice Cubes rolls

Next, we ordered snowballs, with a side of condensed milk. Snow balls are essentially cereal puffs with liquid nitrogen poured over them.  When the treat is eaten, your breath appears to be steamy with nitrogen. Although this dessert was quite an experience, it was definitely a one time experience because its flavors and textures were not very pleasing.  

Ice Cubes snowballs

Although we thought both places were great, our favorite was Afters.  Their flavors were so smooth, rich, and creamy.  Rolled ice cream may be physically appealing but cannot match the amazing ice cream from Afters.  Rolled ice cream is also difficult to eat with a plastic spoon because the individual rolls are very hard.  Depending on whether you want an experience or plain delicious ice cream, both of these places could be ideal for you.

Ensign 2017 Clubs

Written by Olivia Borland and Morgan Lamond  


One of the best ways to get involved at Ensign is to join a club. This year, the club fair will be held on September 20 in the gym from after school until one o’clock.  Some popular clubs last year included Garden Club, Fishing Club, and Pokémon Club. We interviewed some Ensign students to see what clubs you want to see at Ensign this year. Remember, anyone can start a club if you can find a faculty advisor and turn in your application to the ASB window by September 15!


We interviewed a few students such as a seventh grader, Lola Lazzara, who said she would like to join the sailing or fishing club. We also have interviewed some Eighth graders, such as a group of girls, Renee Hays, Samantha Joseph, and Libby Triebwasser, who wanted to see a gymnastics club and they are excited for Art Club. Eighth grader Yeraldine Avalos is excited for the Dancing Seabees Club. Anna Sassone is a seventh grader ready to see a new club - the Bedazzling Club. And finally, eighth grader Peter Clark is excited for a new year in Art Club.


What clubs do you want to see? What clubs are you excited for?  Don't forget to check out the Club Fair on September 20! Make sure to check out every table to get the full experience and to try new things! See you later, Seabees!

Who We Are...

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Mr. Metcalf Interview (Robotics Department)

By Colin Kermode


  1. How are you enjoying running your Robotics class?

Very much so, it is a nice change to having math all day.

  1. Do you have any worries or hopes for the future of Robotics?

The worries are that students stop requesting the Robotics class or there is a loss in funding. The hopes are to get into/win competitions and get more equipment for the classes.

  1. What are the differences between your two classes?

Both my Robotics and Design and Modeling classes are taking part in the same course, but the Design and Modeling class will do Robotics later. And the Robotics class will focus more on the manufacturing of robots. There is a possibility of a competitive Robotics class in the future.

  1. Do you plan them to both be up to the same speed by the end of the year?

The two classes will overall have the same knowledge the Robotics class has, but the Robotics will always be a little more advanced than the Design and Modeling class.

  1. How do you feel about the new equipment?

I love it.” The brand new computers are just great, we have more items, more storage, and a 3D printer coming!

  1. What do you think the potential of this class is?

The potential is to lay the groundwork for careers for many different fields of work like welding and art. This program helps kids have a bit more of a background so they have more job options in the future.

  1. Do you plan to try and get these departments in other schools or is it staying at Ensign for now?

Other middle schools do have Robotics, and Harbor focuses on computer programming, but we are trying to let the kids continue this path by getting engineering courses in other schools.

Mr. Jain Interview

By Hannah Egan and Keira McPhie


As some of you may have noticed, our school currently lacks the scurvy, swashbuckling, pirate that used the common terminology of “shloop” or “scurvy bilge rats.” This nautical man was known as Peg-Leg Jain. To those who are wondering “where is he?” or to the seventh graders who have been hearing of the strange legends of Captain Peg-Leg Jain, the following interview will provide some enlightening knowledge.


  1. Which school did you move to?

Back Bay High School.

  1. Do you miss Ensign?

Yes, but I do like my new school! I miss all of my friends, both teachers and students.

  1. Was it your choice to leave?

Yes, I asked to be transferred, and I knew like a week before school started. It was hard to get all the context needed for my classes!

  1. Do you miss any teachers?

I miss all of them, and I even miss my students.

  1. Will you still be going on Ensign field trips and fishing club? Do you still have contact with Ensign?

I would like to chaperone as much as I can help out because I have been helping run them over 15 years, and I know what to do.

  1. How do you like your new school?

I like being able to help various students and being part of making a big difference. But, it is different.

  1. Was it a huge change on the first day of school

Yes, it has been very different! The following vocab words are used often at Back Bay High School:

  • Probation officer
  • Drugs
  • Juvenile Hall
  • Truancies
  • Fights (many)
  1. Do you still follow your pirate-themed classroom and teaching style?

I have the whole theme up, but I do not use the same terminology. I am teaching high schoolers, so I do not want to treat them like littler kids, but I use less of the words

  1. How do your students like you?

After testing me for two weeks I am well-liked and respected. .

  1. Did your schedule drastically change or is it similar to Ensign’s?

It’s just like Ensign except classes are longer and there is no prep period..

  1. Do you like teaching high school better than seventh graders?

Not necessarily: its different with new challenges, and new ways of teaching.

  1. What do you teach? Do you teach differently?

I teach science and health. Because these kids are not always cooperative, I basically get to teach my own methods, and I really like that.



By Cindy Mayares and Stephanie Martinez


DACA, or the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, was established in June of 2012, and was made to protect the 800,000 young unauthorized immigrants from deportation, allowing them to work legally and be able to fulfill their education plan. The people protected under DACA, known as “Dreamers,” have been suing Donald Trump for taking away DACA. We interviewed some teachers, and asked them if they know what DACA is, figuring out what Ensign staff thought about what is currently happening with DACA.


Question 1: What do you know about DACA?

Question 2: How do you think DACA affects your students?

Question 3: What is your opinion on young adults not being able to go to school or work?

  • This is the response of the first teacher we asked.
  1. A teacher knew that DACA affected people that were about 18-30 years old, and they also knew that they were “considered immigrants even though they lived in America,” but they can be considered “casualties because they don’t have anything to do with it, they were brought by their parents when they were just kids, they don’t have a choice with what’s happening.”
  2. “[The students] may not be personally affected but family members can, [so they feel] emotional concerns. If DACA kids go, then what about them, what can they do to protect themselves.”
  3. “I think it’s wrong and that they should accept all DACA kids because they’re still Americans.”
  • The second teacher we asked had a similar opinion, and this was their response.
  1. People protected under DACA include “children born to immigrants.”
  2. “I think DACA affects [the Dreamers] severely because [they’re] scared, thinking they have to go to another country. There could be a separation of family, [so] they could feel anxious, nervous, and scared.”
  3. “It’s a tragedy, because wanting to work or go to school is an important characteristic. It’s a good quality, so how can you tell someone they can’ what they want to?”
  • The last teacher we asked had a different viewpoint on the situation, and this is how they answered.
  1. DACA includes “children brought by parents illegally [and] it was set up for work permits.”
  2. “If they have older siblings they could get upset. [Trump] doesn’t want to deport them.”
  3. “[Trump] won’t take it away, he’s just enforcing the law. You could just become a citizen, that’s what my parents did when they first immigrated here, and you shouldn’t be afraid. The kids were brought without permission and they shouldn’t be penalized. [He] really just wants to help them.”
  4. DACA is a serious and important situation, and it is important for people to be able to say their opinion about it without feeling scared to do so.

The New Mrs. Stepp

By Keira McPhie and Hannah EganMrs. Stepp s Wedding
As some of you may know, one of our history teachers, Mrs. Stepp, has recently been married. To those who are anxious to know more about this marriage, the following interview will give you the inside scoop.


Where did you guys meet?

Mrs. Tolles introduced Mr. and Mrs. Stepp (his name is Billy).


Where did your husband propose?

On the Huntington Beach pier at dusk.


Does it feel different to be married?

Not at all.

Mrs. Stepp s Wedding

Do you mind when people call you “Curtis”?

I really like the name “Curtis” and it is totally fine if people call me either one. My new seventh graders call me Mrs. Stepp.


Where did you have your wedding?

In Mammoth, California.


What was your favorite part of the wedding?

I loved dancing with everybody and just having a good time.


What type of cake did you have?

We didn’t have a cake - we had assorted mini cupcakes (peanut butter, chocolate, etc.), lemon bars, Rice Krispie treats, etc. Just a bunch of desserts.


Was it a huge wedding or more of an intimate wedding?

Well, it wasn't huge, but about 100 people were there so it was medium-sized.

Mrs. Stepp s Wedding

Did you or are you going to have a honeymoon?

Over the summer, we went to Chile and we went snowboarding. It was awesome and we’ll definitely go back!


How did you know he was the one?

We travel really well together. For example, if we had to go on a really long road trip, we wouldn't get bored with each other.


What qualities do you share?

Traveling outdoors, camping, snowboarding. We also love our dogs so much! And we both like to cook.


What qualities do you not share?

I'm into history and he doesn’t care about it that much. If I were to go to a museum when we are traveling, he’s not really into that. I know that sounds weird because that's what I teach, but he just doesn't signify it as important in his life.


Describe your husband in with four words ("perfect" is not allowed).

Silly, caring, energetic, outdoorsy.

Mrs. Stepp s Wedding
What is the fondest memory with your husband?

Any time we are in the mountains is really special. We go quite a lot and we both love to snowboard, so at the top of a mountain about to go down is really wonderful.


What is your husband’s job?

He works for Kind Bars.


If you were to have a child, would you name them Hannah or Keira?

I love both of the names Keira and Hannah, but because Mrs. Cross’s daughter’s name is Kira, I'd go with Hannah.