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Athletic Director

Kari Rush

Equitable Athletic Participation Data


Athletics Locker

Participation in Athletic Contests (AR 6145.2)

The District’s athletic program shall be free from discrimination and discriminatory practices in accordance with state and federal law. The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that equivalent athletic opportunities are provided for both sexes

Interscholastic, intramural, and/or club athletics participation is open to all persons, without regard to race, color, ancestry, national origin, immigration status, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression or the perception of one or more of such characteristics; or association with a person or a group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.

Administrative Regulation (AR) 6145.2 – Athletic Competition outlines the considerations to determine whether equivalent opportunities are available to both sexes, as well as the criteria used to ensure the District’s athletic program effectively accommodates the interests and abilities of both sexes in athletics.

Any complaint alleging unlawful discrimination within the district’s athletic program shall be filed in accordance with the District’s BP 1312.3 – Uniform Complaint Procedures.

A copy of AR 6145.2 – Athletic Competition is available at

Ensign Athletics

Coastal Athletic League Mission Statement

Basketball gameThe mission of the Coastal Athletic League is to provide opportunities for educating students in physical fitness, character development, and socialization skills through athletic programs that foster teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship and respect for opponents and officials.

It is the top priority of the athletic directors at each school to maintain an appropriate middle school focus in their athletic programs. While contests are quite competitive, sportsmanship, and good behavior are always our highest priority. We expect a positive example to be demonstrated by the coaches, parents, and spectators when they attend our events. They should exemplify the standards of sportsmanship and positive support we work to instill in our students.

Ensign Athletics

Ensign athletesEnsign offers competitive after school boys and girls sports throughout the year including basketball, volleyball, cross countrysoccer, and track

Fall - boys' volleyball and girls' basketball

Winter - girls' volleyball, boys' basketball, and cross country

Spring - boys' and girls' soccer and track and field

Ensign also offers intramurals during lunch for students wanting to try and participate in other sports.

Please visit each sport's webpage for more information.  We are constantly updating information!

You may download and print the Activities Certificate.

Boys’ Volleyball Tryouts

Attention all boys interested in playing volleyball this year - tryouts for the 7th and 8th-grade boys’ volleyball teams will take place in the gym the week of September 9th.  No experience is necessary for tryout.  Please come dressed in PE clothes or appropriate athletic gear (t-shirt, shorts, and tennis shoes) if PE clothes not yet received.

7th- and 8th-grade tryouts will begin on Monday, September 9th from 3-4 pm in the gym and continue on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Tryouts on Tuesday and Thursday will be from 4-5 pm, tryouts on Wednesday will be from 2:30-3:30 pm and tryouts on Friday will be from 3-4 pm.  You must attend tryouts each day.

If you have any questions regarding tryouts for the boys’ volleyball team, please see Coach Rush in the PE offices or email

Girls’ Basketball Tryouts

Attention all girls interested in playing basketball this year - tryouts for the 7th and 8th-grade girls' basketball teams will take place in the gym the week of September 9th.  Please come dressed in appropriate athletic gear (t-shirt – PE shirt if you have one, shorts, and tennis shoes).  

7th and 8th-grade tryouts will begin on Monday, September 9th from 4-5 pm in the gym and continue on Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm.  You must attend tryouts each day.  All tryout information is posted on SchoolLoop.

If you have any questions regarding tryouts for the girls’ basketball team, please see Coach Harrell in room 9 (8th grade), or Mr. Bambauer. 

Tryout Timeline for Ensign Athletics

Students interested in trying out for sports here at Ensign should check the team pages and listen for school announcements two to three weeks prior to the start of the season.  Tryout dates and times will be posted to the team pages at least two weeks before the tryouts and will be part of the video announcements on campus the week prior to the start of tryouts.  Below is an approximate timeline schedule for tryouts for each sport at Ensign:

Boys' volleyball/girls' basketball - early September

Girls' volleyball/boys' basketball - mid-November

Boys'/girls' cross country - December

Boys'/girls' soccer - mid-February

Boys'/girls' track - mid-April